How Zuzana & Juraj used lemlist to send wedding invitations

One of the most creative cold emails that achieved 100% open rate and 95% click rate.

How Zuzana & Juraj used lemlist to send wedding invitations

This is probably one of the coolest success stories I ever had to write.

And the result that this guy, and a dear friend of ours, was able to achieve with the cold email we're about to break down... is astonishing.

lemlist success stories

It's a super creative and cute email that had an unique objective to accomplish.

But the formulas on which it rests are something that can be studied and applied in any campaign.

Before we jump into it, first things first...

About Juraj ZamborskΓ½

Juraj works as Head of Growth at Avocode, a company that helps design and development teams to seamlessly collaborate on design files, while creating great product experiences.

He is also one of the first lemlisters on the planet to start using our tool. More importantly, I'm happy to say that he's a friend of ours and a super kind person.

In fact, he and G met in person back in 2018 when Juraj was visiting Paris.

lemlist success stories

From that moment forward, all of us stayed in touch. By the way, dude, when you and I meet one day in 3D, beer/wine is on me. 🍻

Juraj has been sending all kinds of outreach campaigns in the past two years, but the one we're going to see now is something totally different.

Delivering personalized wedding invites via inbox

Before we go in the "all nerd" mode, join me in congratulating Zuzana and Juraj on their engagement first. We wish you guys nothing but pure happiness and moments to remember on your journey.

Taking into consideration this horrible crisis we're all living in, Zuzana and Juraj couldn't deliver invitations in person like they originally intended. They needed to adapt to our new reality.

That's where lemlist kicked in. It was, first and foremost, the safest way to send an invite considering the situation. Plus, Juraj already knew everything there is to know about our cold email tool.

The sky was the limit in terms of creativity. Behold their awesome wedding invitation.

lemlist success stories

And of course...

The already mentioned results!

lemlist success stories

What are the main reasons behind such a powerful result?

First, we're talking about a wedding invitation... a unique cold email to begin with! It kinda makes sense that people are more willing to open and gladly read it compared to a regular sales email.

But, there are several, quite important lessons that Juraj has given us.

Lesson 1: Always aim to stand out

While everybody is going down the "how-to survive" or "be productive at home" road, seeing a subject line that states "Wedding Invitation" is cool in its core, but it's also a breath of fresh air.

I'm feeling this is a good time for me to throw in some deep thought here, like, "Don't stand in line just because other people are"...

Haha! πŸ˜‡

The point I'm trying to make is, if you figure out a way to stand out in a busy inbox and grab somebody's attention by being different, in a good way, you're halfway there. Start with your subject line and work your way to the call-to-action.

Your prospect should "feel" your cold email like a tailor-made suit... or dress. 😎

Lesson 2: Create content that's fun to read

Zuzana and Juraj start their email with images, not text. Not only are they cute and feature another member of thee household (Noris πŸ•), they also tell a story.

Four images in total, navigating their audience towards one simple call-to-action.

The first one was additionally personalized with person's first name and their company logo.

Pro tip:
Insert custom screenshots, company logos, video thumbnails, LinkedIn profile
images or anything that comes to you mind into your cold emails.

More info: Discover all the ways you can personalize cold emails

Lesson 3: Keep your CTAs simple

The final lesson from Juraj has to do with call-to-actions.

In this cold email, Zuzana and Juraj want their invitees to fill a Typeform. When I asked them about it, they mentioned two reasons.

On one hand, people that are planning to come will confirm their attendance and add any information that's relevant for their stay. This way, Zuzana and Juraj can organize their accommodation for example, or help with any other need.

But, the main goal is always this.

Your audience reads the email, they clearly understand what they need to do, it's simple and easy. In other words, there are no multiple call-to-actions and they don't have to think too much about what do to next.

On the flip side, soon-to-be husband and wife don't need to spend time dialing and Skyping to have the same conversation over and over again.

Bottom line

All that's left to say is congratulate Zuzana and Juraj one more time and applaud them for one of the most creative uses of lemlist we've seen so far.

Wish you all the best!

lemlist success stories

Products used

These are the lemlist features Juraj used to send wedding invitations:

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