Each week we select the lemlister of the week or (LOTW). LOTW is a user of ours who created the best campaign in the week behind us.

Not so long ago, we've showcased a lemlister who managed to score a 23% reply rate with a creative follow-up labeled as Zoom cold email template.

Here are the results that Jeff Wenzel, CEO at Woodshed Agency, was able to achieve.

In this article, I'm going to show you everything Jeff did to get these awesome results.

Plus, I'm also gonna give you 5 more fire ideas in which you can tweak the template to crush more outreach campaigns.

How does Zoom follow-up email template look like?

Being an agency owner, Jeff's ambition was to book meetings and grow client pipeline.

But, like any agency, the competition is fierce and the prospect's inbox is one of the toughest places to compete in.

Jeff felt that after his first email didn't produce the desired result. Nevertheless, he wasn't planning to give up.

The situation was that the email list was backed with proper research, so the follow-up needed to do a better job.

Since Zoom is Jeff's video platform of choice, he decided to use it as inspiration for his second email.

Why did the email perform so well?

  • It’s hyper-personalized - This email includes the common first and company name of the prospect. But it also contains senders images (which helps in building a relationship with your prospects), and the prospects’ image/screenshot as well
  • It has a simple and frictionless CTA at the bottom
  • It talks about the prospects, not about Woodshed agency.

Pro tip: Follow-ups

When people don’t reply, it doesn’t have to mean they aren't interested.
They might have forgotten to reply because they were busy.

Recommended read: How to write follow-up emails after no response

How to create your Zoom cold email?

Let us quickly go through the process of implementing this email template in your campaign.

Step 1: Gather your team on Zoom

The easiest way to create this screenshot is to invite two of your colleagues to a Zoom meeting, look at the camera, smile, and take a screenshot.

You might need to use Photoshop to put all images in a 2x2 grid, leaving one blank space for your prospect.

Best Sales Follow-up Emails [Download, Edit & Use]
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Alternatively, if you don't wanna do this, add a forth participant. It can be another person or you can connect from another device at the same meeting. Then just overlay this position with a black square.

This is how the main screenshot should appear.

Zoom follow-up email template
Step 2: Create a campaign in lemlist

Go to your lemlist account, click on start new campaign and write your cold email.

Here's my copy...

Zoom cold email template

What are my tags about?

{{Tiramisu}} → Customized intro line for every prospect

{{factorX}} → Customized sentence to show my prospect I understand their business and what they are trying to accomplish

Here's a quick guide if you need more info about the Tiramisu cold email strategy.

If you lack inspiration, you can pick one of our cold email templates and adapt it to your audience.

Once you're happy with it, it's time to add the image.

Step 3: Create a personalized image

The first thing we gotta do is upload the image to lemlist. Once you click on the empty row where you wanna place your image, the plus sign will appear.

personalized images lemlist

When the image is uploaded, we want to fill that empty black space with the prospect's intel.

In this case, I want to add their website screenshot and company logo.

First, click on website button and add their screenshot. Once you position the screenshot to fit the 2x2 grid, add the company logo on top of it.

lemlist cold emails

For the screenshot to work, you can pull their website from two sources.

  • Their email domain --> [email protected] where lemlist would pull the screenshot from "tesla.com"
  • Additional column in your csv file --> add website column to the file and just copy/paste website domain, like this

My usual logo source is their email domain, but you can copy/paste links where they've uploaded the logo and add a separate column in csv file as well. Totally up to you.

Here's our template.

zoom email template

And here's how the image looks in prospect's inbox. In this particular example, we're sending a cold email to Guillaume, therefore lemlist's website and logo.

lemlist personalized images

That's it, we're good to go.

How to take things to another level?

There are many different ways in which you can leverage this follow-up email template.

I'm gonna give you a few ideas. Feel free to rip them apart and do you.

Zoom virtual backgrounds

Since the COVID-19 outburst, video conferencing went through a renaissance.

At lemlist internal meetings, we started having fun with Zoom virtual background designs.

Everybody from the team picked their own style, resulting in this fun environment.

Zoom virtual backgrounds lemlist

I'm confident this can be a smooth way of keeping the tone of your email casual and funny, if that's your style.

You can even turn it up a notch and put "common ground" with your prospect in the background. Imagine you're pitching me and you see that we both love basketball.

Basketball Zoom backgrounds, ladies and gentlemen. 🏀 😎

LinkedIn profile screenshots

Say you're not feeling website screenshots for your campaign. Maybe you'll be more intrigued to use LinkedIn profile screenshots.

Like this...

However, there's some work to be done to pull this off.

  • First, go to LinkedIn profiles of all your prospects and take quick screenshots
  • Upload all screenshots to your Google Drive (or Dropbox)
  • Copy/paste Google Drive image links to your csv file in a separate column (e.g. name it LinkedIn)
  • In lemlist, use "LinkedIn" column to add profile screenshots to the image
LinkedIn profile screenshots in cold emails

How to use humor in cold emails?

I'm a kind of a comedian. Making jokes and using humor comes naturally to me. After all, one of my main jobs is to create content, so it makes sense.

The type of humor you use depends on the person you're emailing. Do your research and figure out what kind of humor it's smart to leverage.

That said, I honestly feel this is an awesome variation...

Zoom follow-up email

Adding dynamic text in lemlist is super simple.

When in image editor, just click on the "Text" button.

Zoom follow-up email

Write what you want and you're ready for take-off.

Text-only cold email personalization

The simplest way to fill that empty black spot on the image is to add dynamic text and be done with it.

Zoom cold email template

You have plenty of options to play with. I'll suggest a few:

  • Dare to click {{firstName}}? :)
  • 🔥 sales strategy for {{companyName}}
  • How {{firstName}} will 2x {{companyName}} growth?
  • For {{firstName}} with 💪

Mind your call-to-action buttons

Zoom cold email template doesn't have to be a follow-up. It can be any email in the sequence you want.

More importantly, you can attach any call-to-action to it, depending on your objective of course.

First off, you can opt for a video.

Your starting point can be the image we used previously, with text-only personalization, but with a little twist. We'd add the YouTube button on it and link it to the fire video in our arsenal.

Personalized video thumbnail

Once people click, you can take them to your YouTube channel and list this video as unlisted so it's not publicly displayed.

For advanced players, you can create a dynamic landing page in lemlist to throw in some additional personalization and show them the video there.

For example...

dynamic landing pages

You can also set a whiteboard background with relevant content on it. Set it as your Zoom virtual background, to be exact.

Once the prospect plays the video, you can use it to point on certain things and walk them through anything you wanna walk them through.

Use Rand Fishkin and his Whiteboard Friday series as inspiration.

But, Zoom cold email template doesn't need to be a video.

Similar to the way Jeff did it in the origin template, it can serve as a straightforward meeting invitation.

You use a personalized image to grab attention. Email copy is there to bring context and motivate people to reply.

Wrapping it up

That's all my friends! Really hope it was inspiring for you to read this article as much as it was writing it for me.

Zoom cold email template truly is a brilliant example how you can personalized your outreach in a human and fun way, scoring good results and creating win-win deals.

Plus, it offers you so much room to be creative and adapt it to the way you like the roll.

Stay golden!