I always love to exchange about what tools people are using for their email outreach and I've been stunned by the number of people who were using tools like MailChimp before changing to lemlist...

I have nothing against MailChimp, I actually think that it's an amazingly simple tool, that is great... but only for email marketing.

Let me explain, when we developped lemlist, we spent a lot of time studying the different parameters that could affect the deliverability. The email deliverability is wether or not your email will be delivered to your recipient (To know more about email deliverability you can check my full article here). This parameter is crucial when doing email outreach to your leads as every single email you're sending could translate into a business opportunity.

So, why is MailChimp not suitable for cold emailing?
First of all, MailChimp is self described as a “strict permission-based newsletter delivery service” which means that sending cold emails to potential cold leads is explicitly forbidden (cf their Terms of Services.)

But it's not the only reason... When checking in more details the way MailChimp is sending emails you'll notice that they are actually sending emails using their own servers. Why that?
Because it allow them to control and manage high volumes (some of their users are sending millions of emails per month using MailChimp). However, each server is not dedicated to only one user.... Far from that... MailChimp actually regroup a lot of their users on the same server.

So, what's the problem about that?
Remember, in my article about deliverability, I was talking about the fact that the reputation was directly linked to your domain and from which server you were sending the emails from... which means that if someone is using the same server as you do but is being put in SPAMs because of bad practices, your deliverability will be directly affected and your emails will have a much higher chance to end up in the SPAM folder, or simply not be delivered to your recipient...

Yeah that's kind of unfair right? In a sense it is and that's actually why Mailchimp is always trying to keep the reputation of their servers to the highest level possible. As soon as a user is not respecting best practices he will be flagged and can even be banned...

So why do they forbid cold email?
The problem with cold emailing is that people often forget some simple rules such as always verify that you're sending email to a valid email address or that sending emails at the same time to a large number of people will decrease your deliverability and damage your reputation.

For email marketing, since you usually send tens of thousands emails per day, it's not possible to send emails with a "pause time" between each email to maximize deliverability...

With lemlist emails are sent directly from your server so you're not affected by others' behaviour... We have fine-tuned all the sending system and have built our own sending algorithm to maximize the deliverability of your emails. So if you're using verified email addresses (check my article on how to get 550 verified emails per month) and respect all the best practices described in my article about deliverability, you'll definitely maximize your chance of closing more deals as more of your emails will be read.