If you're just starting outbound lead generation you need to avoid common mistakes.

One of them:

  1. Google "the best cold email templates"
  2. Find outdated templates from 2015
  3. Get zero leads, because people already received hundreds of similar email😭

Why? Because templates and tactics that worked 3-5 years ago became overused these days.

Does it mean that cold emails can't generate leads anymore?

It just means that if you want to get amazing results - you should implement strategies that work now.

And today I'll share with you one of those tactics that helped us book 40+ sales meetings during a week - personalization video in cold emails, like this one 🔥

Cold email template with personalized video

Results we got are amazing. And by "amazing" I mean "AMAZING!" 🤯

Cold email stats

We got lots of demos and calls by sending custom videos:

Cold email outreach campaign results

Why did this video cold pitch email work?

But before coming to "how to do" phase, let's step back and understand why did that template work so well.

  1. Ice-breaker in intro line

It's quite important to make a great reference in your intro line to "break the ice" from the very beginning. In this case Nadja mentioned person's content on LinkedIn + that this person is a growth hacker:

How to write an intro line in cold email

2.   Story-pitch

People find it hard to prepare a pitch in cold email, but here are a few rules:

  • make it fun
  • make it clear
  • make it straightforward

Nadja prepared a cool story about her previous job at start-up and since she is reaching out to growth hackers (who are closely related to start-ups) they will read it:

How to personalize your cold emails

3. Personalized thumbnail that catches attention

It's not just a Youtube thumbnail, it's way better. This part really catches attention when you open cold email:

It's not just a Youtube thumbnail, it's way better. This part really catches attention when you open cold email:

Video in sales email

4.   Landing page with a short video pitch

After people clicked on the video, they visited highly personalized landing page, like this with a short video pitch

Personalized video in cold emails

Personalized videos is a new booming tactic for cold email outreach, so let's dive deeper in how to create it:

How to send cold emails with personalized videos?

In order to send cold emails with personalized videos we'll use lemlist's dynamic landing page feature. This strategy is called personalized video thumbnail and it's superb.

Step 1: Record a quick video

Record a quick video-pitch and upload it to Youtube.  

It should be:

  • short (30-40 seconds maximum)
  • straight to the point (share why are you connecting with people)
Upload youtube video

Here is the example of the video for web-designers and marketing agencies:

Step 2: Create a campaign in lemlist

Go to lemlist (it sends the most personalized cold emails that get replies) and create your campaign.

I'll go with this copy for web-designers and marketing agencies:

Add video to your cold email

What are my tags about?

{{firstName}} → lemlist will automatically update it with recipients' first name

{{icebreaker}}→ Customized intro line for every prospect that boosts open and reply rates, we wrote a lot about this strategy in our tiramisu cold email strategy

Pro tip: if you want to send awesome cold emails, check the full cold outreach guide.

How to embed a video in an email

Let me show you how to do some magic 🧙‍♂️

Step 3: Create a personalized video in lemlist

Now we will embed a youtube video you created to your email and make from it a customized landing page that will be unique to each recipient.

You add the link to the video in lemlist with “Insert video button”.

video personalization lemlist

And now you have an option to customize your landing page with the prospect's logo, colors, and text personalization. For example, if you write “Hello {{firstName}}”, lemlist will automatically put the recipient’s first name 🤖

Personalized videos lemlist

Add your calendar below the text and video. For instance, put to your Calendly in settings on the right side, so your leads will be able to book a meeting right from this page 👌

How to generate more sales calls

You can show a custom pop-up message (in chat) once the person finishes watching your video. In order to do this, create an account at lemtalk and copy the “Your Application Id (appId)”.

Dynamic landing pages by lemlist

So at the end of the video, your leads will see a pop-up like this:

Dynamic landing pages lemlist

The end result is a personalized email with this dynamic landing page, where lemlist automatically personalizes each part of it.

Personalize landing page lemlist

Here's how the final email looks like. The first name and company logo are automatically updated, which is another awesome feature of lemlist.

Cold email template with video

How it'll look like in Elon's inbox:

Cold email example

And before we come to 3 videos sales email templates, there is a moment when you have a button to sign up for a free trial...

This is that moment 🤓


3 video sales email templates

Now I'll share with you 3 templates templates that can inspire you!

Zoom meeting template

We took this idea from one of our lemlisters of the week - Jeff Wenzel, CEO at Woodshed Agency.

Here are the results of his campaign:

Outbound lead generation results

This is how email looks like:

zoom-follow-up-email-template (1)

It inspired us to make such a template:

Follow-up cold email template

It's like a recording of our Zoom meeting with their website on it. This is what grabs attention from the very first second when people open email.

For example, here is how email will look like in Guillaume's inbox:

Sales follow-up example

Website video

If you're doing some references to peoples' website, you can just put the screenshot from their website as a video thumbnail.

This is what Chris from Content Mavericks did.

sales email example

Chris also shared his story on how he generated $10k for his agency with a simple cold email campaign.

Here are his results:

Sales email campaign results

"Name on paper" video template

This is the template that Guillaume shared in his article on how to find a job during Covid-19 crysis.

Cold email template lemlist

This template looks cool, since people see not only the company logo, but also their name written on a paper. Since it's super hard to automate it grabs attention.


You can use sales email templates like this one and personalize them AT SCALE with lemlist. Don't worry, if you haven't used our tool before, you can sign up for a free trial and test everything first.

But I'm positive you'll love both the results and speed that this ultra personalized approach will bring you.

Have a great day! ❤️