Getting existing customers to fill out surveys is a pain.

If you've been working in Marketing, chances are you've probably faced this problem more than once.

It's a pain because most people, especially in B2B space, don't want to spend their time taking surveys.

Plus, it's becoming more and more difficult to connect with people because of the email overload in our inbox every day. This is where personalization can make a real impact.

At lemlist, we decided to launch a campaign to a segment of our power users with the sole purpose of getting to know them better.

Using personalized landing pages in our outreach campaign was the key component in our strategy that helped us drive these results. 👇

Survey results 👊

 survey email template

Wondering how we managed to get a 59% click-through-rate for a survey?

Well, the secret is in using videos in your sales funnel and making every step as much personalized as you can.

Introducing the survey email template

As you already know, we're big fans of our platform as the entire team uses it on a regular basis.

The first step of the campaign was a cold email with a personalized image.

 survey email template

Hence, one of our latest creations - the survey email template.

As you can see here, I'm putting a {{firstName}} tag on the image which means that it will be replaced by the First Name of the person I'm getting in touch with automatically. 😎

Furthermore, the grey circle you can see in the top left gets replaced with their company logo. Once again, lemlist technology helps us personalize everything at scale, without the need to do this for every single email individually. 🎩

Finally, you may be questioning why I have two similar email templates side by side.

This is because I've been A/B testing the subject line to see which one was going to perform better.

In this particular case, the results were almost the same so I couldn't conclude anything. 😅 It happens sometimes, but it's always worth testing. 😊

But anyway, the first step in my sales funnel was a super personalized cold email with an image a.k.a video thumbnail as a hook to drive clicks.

Now, let's talk about the second step...

Dynamic landing pages

Now, lemlisters know this, but we've recently released a unique dynamic landing page builder to drive conversions in your email outreach campaigns.

Allow me to show you how we've used it to collect a lot of survey responses.

First, let's break down the content on our personalized landing page.

  • Video
  • Their company logo
  • Unique copy for every individual
  • Embedded typeform

As soon as people would click on the clickable frame in their email, they'd be redirected to our landing page.

lemlist dynamic landing pages

There are two reasons why we were able to get so many survey responses:

  1. The video
  2. Dynamic landing page

Thanks to the video, you hit two huge targets. For starters, you boost your click rate from email to the landing page. At the end of the day, you can't encourage survey participation without them c0ming to the page first.

The fact that the survey (Typeform in my case) is already embedded on the landing page is key because it removes the friction of having to click on a new link again.

Remember, friction is the ultimate enemy, especially in a funnel like this one.

Having a video in there is also a great way to connect in a much more intimate way with the people you're reaching out to. Since we were asking for feedback from clients who have chosen lemlist as their go-to cold email software, we will always go the extra mile for them.

Based on the two factors I mentioned, we were able to drastically increase the survey response rate.

We both very well know how valuable is the feedback from users who are actively using your platform... which was the whole point behind this cold email campaign.

How can you enjoy the same success with this strategy and leverage lemlist's survey email template in your own way?

Let me explain.

[THE PROCESS] How to get customers to take surveys

Basically, I've decided to break it down into two simple steps, including a quick video tutorial.

I know it's a bit sales-y of me, but hey... you can send your first survey campaign for free (no restrictions, no CC needed... really)... if your thinking about asking your clients for feedback.

Step1: Start your free trial on lemlist

Start your free trial

Step 2: Watch this tutorial video

Hope you guys enjoyed this little case study!

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in comments! 👇 ❤️

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