Selecting the right sales prospecting tools is an important component of every sales strategy.

Ultimately, the right toolkit will save you hours, if not days, of unnecessary work. Plus, you'll end up having more reliable information anyway.

In this article, I'll guide you through my “hall of fame” list. You'll see 14 prospecting tools that have given me an insane value over the years.

It'll give a practitioner's overview of what these tools are about and how I use them.

For easier navigation, I have divided these prospecting tools into several categories:

Prospecting tools for lead generation

So you have your ideal buyer persona ready, and now you just need to go out and search for them?

This is probably the most time-consuming part of the entire sales prospecting process.

Let me try to simplify it for you.

Albacross - automatically detect website visitors

You don’t always have to search for your ideal prospects.

Sometimes, they will show up on your door but be too “shy” to knock. In other words, you don’t know whether they came or not.

How do you find them?

Albacross is a prospecting tool that allows you to see what companies are visiting your website.

But that’s not all, you can also:

  • Check the pages they love the most
  • “Qualify” them based on their behavior
  • See what type of a person has visited your website
  • And much more
Sales prospecting tools - Albacross dashboard

Carlos de Vos, CEO of ParcelParcel got over 30 high-quality prospects with Albacross that are later converted into paying customers.

When it comes to pricing, Albacross is a little bit more expensive than its competitors, but I feel it's worth the money.

Sales prospecting tools - Albacross pricing

GetLatka - find unique prospect’s data

High-quality leads won’t always come at your doorstep. Sometimes, you need to identify them.

Big company directories such as GetLatka is definitely one of the best go-to places. It has over 10.000s different IT companies and it's one of the most robust directories.

With GetLatka, you can find high-quality prospects by looking at different “company metrics”, such as:

  • MRR
  • Churn
  • Retention
  • Net Burn
  • Monthly profit/expenses
  • And other data points only founders know

Also, access to the database is free, until some point of course.

Sales prospecting tools - GetLatka database

Capterra - a great directory for many things

Another great and free directory that can be used as a sales prospecting tool is Capterra.

Not because they're listing thousands of companies.

But because you can analyze different reviews from other companies to identify vendors’ problems and strengths.

Furthermore, that data can be later used to personalize cold emails and land more meetings.

I wrote about this sales prospecting technique, so you might wanna check it out.

Sales prospecting tools - Capterra

Indeed - find companies that are hiring

If you’re drinking beer with me right now, you would ask me: “But Indeed is a job platform... How do you use it as a prospecting tool?”

That’s also what I thought at the beginning.

But then I realized:

Wait, if I see that some company is looking for new sales experts, it probably means that they’re investing more money into their sales operation”.

Hence, this can potentially be a perfect fit for me to try to sell my product.

Job listing platforms such as Indeed will give you an in-depth look at the company’s hiring plans and budget too.

For example, the job ad will show you their goals and objectives. This helps me personalize my cold email and make it about hitting that objective by using my tool. :)

At one of our live webinars, Alfie Marsh, Head of US sales at Spendesk, mentioned that they're using platforms such as Indeed to find their ICPs and fill their top of the funnel.

BuiltWith - find competitors’ customers

BuiltWith is definitely one of my favorite online databases.

If you haven't heard about this tool, its magic is in showing you the technology different companies use for their operations.

There’re two great prospecting strategies you can use with BuiltWith:

  • Look for your competitors’ customers
  • Look for companies that are using complementary tools
Sales prospecting tools - BuiltWith database

For example, if you’re selling a Google Analytics alternative, you would want to look for all the websites using GA.

On the other hand, if you’re selling an eCommerce checkout system, you might wanna take a look who's on Shopify, WooCommerce or BigCommerce.

In any case, BuiltWith gives you a lot of opportunities to play around.

When it comes to pricing, it's a bit expensive, but worth the money in my opinion. Especially, if you’re planning to do some hardcore prospecting.

Poptin - inbound sales prospecting tool

Outbound is not the only sales prospecting method you can use. If you like to play with inbound prospecting too, Poptin is a nice choice to make.

It’s an excellent popup builder tool that allows you to build eye-catchy popups that are triggered by users’ behavior.

Sales prospecting tools - Poptin dashboard

In a nutshell, popups can bring you a lot of subscribers that your marketing team can later nurture on and bring back to you as MQLs.

Exit-intent popups can come pretty handy for attracting new newsletter subscribers.

Harry Dry from MarketingExamples used this hack to sign 20.000 subscribers in one year.

Poptin offers different deals, with freemium option as well.

Sales prospecting tools - Poptin Pricing

Sales prospecting tools for qualification

Prospect qualification is another crucial step for every sales prospecting strategy. It allows you to identify high-quality and hot prospects that have the biggest potential of converting.

Below are the prospecting tools for the qualification that we love.

Zoominfo - prospecting tool for qualification

Zoominfo is one of the most robust sales prospecting tools to qualify leads. It allows you to check different data-points of your prospect list, such as:

  • Predictability of closing the deal
  • Their technology spend
  • Job roles pie chart
  • Decision-makers
  • Contact information of people
  • And other in-depth company data

It's basically a big database of companies. It allows you to have an in-depth look at everything that you're interested in.

I love to use Zoominfo to find decision-makers.

When you visit some companies' LinkedIn profile, it can show you 10 different Sales Managers. But how to identify their team lead?

Zoominfo shows you the departments' organizational chart.

Prospecting tool - Zoominfo organizational chart

A very cool tool I'm glad I've discovered.

CrystalKnows - use psychology to qualify prospects

CrystalKnows is one of those mind-blowing, yet underrated tools. What it does is, it uses psychology to qualify prospects.

When you visit someone's LinkedIn profile, open your CrystalKnows Chrome extension and it will provide you with prospects’:

  • Preferable options for contacting
  • Preferable outreach templates
  • Skills they value the most
  • Their psychology bio

And I've just scratched the surface. Long story short, it will help you to:

  • Understand what are the chances of closing the deal
  • Get to know your prospect better even before you reach out to him
  • Have a great first impression by understanding the things he loves or hates
Sales prospecting tools - Crystalknows
Sales prospecting tools - Crystalknows

When preparing my list for outreach, I like to check prospects' personalities with CrystalKnows and create "snippets" at the beginning of each email.

Prospecting tools to find emails

You will need a good email finder if you want to contact your potential customers. Here are a few ideas...

Email Permutator - helps you find emails

Email Permutator+ is my ace in the sleeve when I need to search for someone's email quickly.

Without any doubt, I can say that in 100% of cases you will find a correct email.

But here’s a little twist.

Email Permutator+ isn’t an email finder per se. If you're into scraping emails, you probably noticed that all business emails have a pattern.

For example, [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected], and so on.

In a nutshell, email permutator+ gives you all possible variations of someone's email.

Sales prospecting tools - Email Permutator
Sales prospecting tools - Email Permutator

Then, all you need to do is copy all the versions, paste them into your email recipients’ tab, and look for the right one.

Sales prospecting tools - Email Permutator

Correct emails will usually have an image or the hangouts link, just as you see in the GIF above.

Its' 100% free to use this tool.

UpLead - email database

UpLead has a pretty great database of 1000s of prospects across various industries.

All you have to do is to input your parameters (such as role, location, company, etc.), and it will give you a list of prospects with their email addresses.

Sales prospecting tools - UpLead dashboard

UpLead has mid-ranged pricing comparing to other tools:

Sales prospecting tools - UpLead pricing

Prospecting tools for outreach

When it comes to sales prospecting techniques, outreach is one of the most important ones to focus on. No outreach, no sales.

Except if you and your prospect are neighbors.

The question now is... What are the best sales prospecting tools for outreach?

lemlist - send cold emails that get replies

You could've guessed this one. 😇

In the past, I've used many different cold email tools and lemlist is the hottest tool out there, like a Ferrari. But again, I may be a bit biased. 😇😇

sales prospecting tools - lemlist personalization features

Let's break down this bold statement of mine and throw in some arguments. Here's what sets it apart:

  • Personalized images - create images and personalize them with your prospect's logo, image, face, text, name or whatever comes to your mind

The way it works is you choose how the image will be personalized and lemlist will automatically customize them for every prospect.

For example, I got a little bit creative and decided to partner up with my dog Zoe for this campaign. It got me an 80% open rate and a 45% reply rate.

  • Personalized video thumbnails - if you're chasing clicks and have a great piece of content to leverage, then this strategy is for you

Guillaume managed to convert 2,000+ people and book 300+ meetings with personalized video thumbnails.

  • Dynamic landing pages - ideal if you're looking to book more meetings

Here's how Ilya managed to triple the number of scheduled meetings.

  • Best email deliverability BY FAR - two features that stand out are auto email warm-up and lemlist's sending algorithm

Think of it like this. Your cold email sequence is Batman. Email deliverability is the Batmobile, as it helps you land on top of anyone's inbox.

With lemlist, your Batmobile contains two power units. One is the auto email warm-up or lemwarm, that keeps your email domain warm without you lifting a finger.

Secondly, lemlist also sends cold emails one after the other, emulating how a real person sends emails. This protects you from promotion and spam filters.

When it comes to pricing, I can tell you it's mid-ranged.

Sales prospecting tools - lemlist pricing

My recommendation would be to start with a 14-day free trial, where you have all the features at your disposal, except lemwarm.

Phantombuster - LinkedIn outreach

Phantombuster is one of the most-used tools by our team.

It’s a massive database of different APIs you can play with to automate different things, such as:

  • Scrape Twitter profiles
  • Find decision-makers through LinkedIn
  • Export LinkedIn search results

One of my favorite features is its’ LinkedIn outreach capability. Here's my game plan:

  • Copy/paste your LinkedIn Search URL
  • Write down your connection request message
  • Turn your Phantom on and send those invitations to connect automatically

For security reasons, PhantomBuster limits you on the number of connection requests and InMails you can send, so you won't get banned by LinkedIn.

And their pricing is fair...

Sales prospecting tools - PhantomBuster pricing

Aircall - cold calling done right

If you're planning to do cold calling, Aircall is a great go-to sales prospecting tool to use.

Sales prospecting tools - Aircall dashboard

Cold calling has recently become our focus, so I'm still familiarizing with it. But, some of my friends are hardcore Aircall users.

Like Achraf Benfdila, from Upsend, an early-stage SaaS tool. He shared with me his sales prospecting strategy.

We're usually using the mix of cold email outreach and cold calling. If we're trying to close some high-ticket clients, then our campaign looks like this.

- Step 1 - Initial email - the goal is to build relationships
- Step 2 (if no response) - 1st follow-up email (adding value - not selling)
- Step 3 (if still no response) - 2nd follow up email (adding value - not selling)
- Step 4 (if still no response) - cold call through Aircall (trying to learn more about the prospects)
- Step 5 - 3rd follow up (adding value based on prospects' behaviors we learned from the call).
- Step 6 - cold call through Aircall (helping prospects to solve their personal problems)

At this point - we usually have a nice conversation and relationship with our potential customer. If someone still doesn't respond to us, we're continuing with 2 or 3 more cold calls and follow-up steps.

Aircall is easy to use and frictionless. You can set it up in seconds and connect with your favorite tools and CRMs in a matter of minutes.

Prospecting tools for meetings

Meetings are the “final” part of every sales prospecting strategy. There are two tools I prefer.

Calendly - frictionless way of scheduling meetings

Calendly is our go-to prospecting tool for scheduling more meetings.

It’s frictionless and it allows your prospects to schedule a meeting with ease.

The best part?

You can integrate Calendly with lemlist and embed them on your dynamic landing pages to reduce friction.

Something like this...

Sales prospecting tools - personalized landing page

Ilya managed to get 3x more meetings with this technique.

When it comes to pricing, Calendly has a lifetime free plan, plus two more that cost $8 and $12/mo.

Sales prospecting tools - Calendly pricing

Zoom - video meetings

Once your meetings are scheduled, it’s time to nail them.

There’re multiple platforms for hosting your video meetings, but we as a team prefer Zoom.

We used many prospecting tools for video meetings before (Google Hangouts, Slack), but Zoom won.

Plus, them virtual backgrounds are a lot of fun and great ice-breakers when meeting prospects.

lemlist team during our weekly team meeting

If you're using Zoom and Calendly premium plans, they have a pretty dope integration that allows you to automatically send Zoom links to your prospects when they schedule a meeting via Calendly.

Bottom line

By know, you understand that your sales prospecting campaign is great as long as your prospecting tools are good.

In any case - you need to have:

  • Sales prospecting tool for outreach - My personal favorites are  lemlist for cold outreach, PhantomBuster for LinkedIn outreach, and Aircall for cold calling.
  • Prospecting tool for finding prospects - GetLatka has amazing data points, Capterra and AngelList are great directories, while BuiltWith can discover your competitors’ customers
  • Prospecting tool for finding email addresses - UpLead is a great database of prospects contact information, while you can use email permutator for some short projects.
  • Sales prospecting tool for qualification - Zoominfo has a lot of unique data about prospects while CrystalKnows can provide you with a great personality and psychological data about your prospects
  • Prospecting tools for meetings - We’re big fans of Calendly and Zoom

Take care guys!