Finding high-quality prospects can be challenging.

You spend hours finding your ideal customers, then another set of hours finding decision-makers and their contact information.

But it doesn't have to be like that.

What's more, you can automate the vast amount of processes.

In this article, I'm going to show you the exact way to do that. In fact, you'll discover 7 sales prospecting techniques that will help you build high-quality prospect lists at scale.

Your starting point when building a prospect list

Prospecting is a process of identifying hot leads and people that might be interested in your product or service.

For someone to be considered a prospect, they need to meet certain criteria. Those criteria will vary from company to company.

To make things count, it's essential to have the ideal buyer persona prepared.

Here are some of the ways in which you can use to qualify your prospects:

  • Are they experiencing the pain points you're able to solve?
  • Is their behavior resonating with your ideal buyer persona?
  • Can they afford you?

To find more on how to do sales prospecting research, you can check our complete sales prospecting guide.

The Complete Guide to B2B Sales Prospecting
Sales prospecting and research tactics, best ways to qualify prospects, cold email templates and cold calling techniques that get real results.

How to attract customers from your competitors

There are three main ways through which you can identify your competitors' customers:

  • By searching for companies that have a specified tool stack
  • By extracting data from online review platforms
  • By being notified whenever someone mentions your competitor

Let's analyze them one by one.

Sales prospecting technique #1 - The BuiltWith hack

Back in the day when I was working as Head of Growth at lemtalk, I used to look for websites that were using other live chats and chatbots.

Finding the right companies was hard, until I realized there's one tool that can do that automatically for me.

It's called BuiltWith.

BuiltWith is a fantastic tool that lets you assess the technology behind different websites.

I quickly realized there are many live chat tools on the market. The question now was... what type of competitors should I target?

Once you figure that out, it's time to play with BuiltWith.

1. Write down your competitors’ name and click on Lookup

2. Click on Technology matches. In our case, that’s Crisp usage statistics

Now you can see the full usage statistics of Crisp.

You can play with data as long as you want.

If you want to download the list of websites that are using your competitors’ software, click on the red button on the right side.

Keep in mind that you need to subscribe to BuilWith to do that.

As you can see in our example, there are 83,000+ websites using our competitor's tool. A great place to start, isn't it?

If you download the lead list, it will look like this:

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - competitors customers list

You won't just get the list of websites and companies using your competitors’ software, but also their...

  • Technology expenses
  • Different links
  • Company data
  • etc
Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - gif

What to do with this prospect list?

A couple of things...

  • Filter out the most relevant prospects. You can use the Industry and their Tech expenses to qualify them
  • Find decision-makers in companies and their contact information. We got the article that explains how to find anyone's email address in great detail

Sales prospecting technique #2 - Online reviews

Online reviews can be your Eldorado for identifying unsatisfied customers of your competitors.

There’re many online review vendors such as Capterra, G2, and Trustradius.

I like to look at Trustradius since it offers excellent filtering capabilities.

Type in the name of your competitors and filter out reviews with a score between 7 and 10.

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - competitor reviews

Why should you abandon people who reviewed your competitors’ product with 7-10?

Well, Trustradius’ scores are based on Net-Promoter Score (NPS).

With NPS, people who give a score with 0-6 are detractors, and that means that they will probably abandon your product.

This makes it pretty easy to identify unsatisfied customers.

You can also use other filtering options, such as the size of the reviewers’ company, topic, etc.

When you do this, you will see a bunch of reviews like this one...

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - competitor review cons

Now a little bit of manual work kicks in.

You'll need to go through all these reviews and enter leads one by one in your sheet.

But on the flip side, you'll be able to create highly-personalized cold emails later, since this way of building a prospect list allows you to collect a lot of information about each prospect.

When importing reviews in your list, I would suggest you to create universal terms.

For example, instead of copy/pasting reviews, you can just type bad UX, bad reporting, or anything else.

This way, you will be able to filter and sort your sheet easily.

What to do with this prospect list?

Here are the future steps you can take:

  • Find email addresses of prospects
  • Prepare personalized outreach emails
  • Make sure to address the pain points they’ve had with your competitors’ tool
  • Try to build a relationship with them and provide value

Sales prospecting technique #3 - Identify your competitors' prospects

Your competitors are also being looked at by your prospects.

But before the decision is made, there’s one thing they will probably do before that.

Ask for recommendations.

And this is the moment when you can jump in.

I have two favorite ways of passively finding prospects that are looking for your competitors:

  • Web notifications (when they mention your competitors’ name online) - for this, you can use tools such as Brand24
  • Slack notifications (when they mention your competitors’ name inside Slack communities)

Let’s talk more about the second one, as first is pretty obvious.

In a nutshell, you will get notifications whenever someone mentions your competitor in Slack communities.

Here’s how to set this up.

1. Find and join relevant Slack communities

There are 1000s of great Slack communities you can use to build relationships with other people.

Find the ones where your target audience hangs out.

2. Click on the Community name -> Preferences

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - slack keywords

Scroll down a bit, and you’ll see the box called My keywords.

Enter the keywords you want to track. That can be the type of your software and the names of your competitors.

From that moment onward, whenever someone mentions one of your keywords, you will get a notification.

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - slack competitor mentions

What to do with this sales prospect list?

This sales prospecting technique isn’t quite the right fit for cold email outreach, so there’s no need to import your prospects in a list.

In my experience, you should use timing and aim to build relationships before you go for the ask.

Creating prospect lists on LinkedIn

Without any doubt, LinkedIn is one of the best places to search for prospects.

But the real question is, how do you create a prospect list in there?

Let me explain.

Sales prospecting technique #4 - Best LinkedIn playbook EVER

This is one of my favorite sales prospecting strategies.


Because 98% of the work is automated.

Three things that you need to do:

  • Create the email campaign in lemlist
  • Run a LinkedIn search
  • Review prospects once they’re found

Let’s break it down...

1. Create your cold email campaign in lemlist

When you open your lemlist account, go over to the upper right corner and click on create a new campaign.

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - lemlist create campaign

2. Skip the part where you import your prospects

You will automatically get high-quality prospects inside the campaign from LinkedIn.

3. Create your email sequence

Now it’s time to create your sequence.

You can either write down your emails or just use our killer email templates.

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - lemlist create email

For example purposes, I’ve used one template that is suitable for this workflow:

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - lemlist email temolate

As you can see, this email template is going to be personalized with our prospects’ LinkedIn profile screenshot.

4. Run a LinkedIn search

Go over to your LinkedIn account and type the job title of your decision-makers:

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - linkedin search results

To narrow down your search results, click on All filters.

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - linkedin filters

Select the filters that you need and click on Apply.

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - linkedin search url

Now copy the URL of the LinkedIn search.

5. Create a workflow in PhantomBuster

The other tool that we’re using to set this up is PhantomBuster.

It has a massive library of APIs you can use to create different workflows.

When you open your PhantomBuster account, go over to the Store and search for LinkedIn Search to lemlist workflow.

Open it and fill in the data you need:

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - Phantombuster

Paste your LinkedIn search URL, fill in the lemlist API key, and write down the name of your lemlist campaign.

Click on Save, and you’re ready to go!

Once you launch your PhantomBuster workflow, it will automatically extract people from your LinkedIn search, find their emails, and import them into your lemlist campaign.

6. Review everything in lemlist

The final thing you need to do is to approve your prospects inside lemlist.

Simply go over to your campaign and click on Review.

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - lemlist review prospects

Once you do that, lemlist will start sending cold emails based on your schedule.

And that’s it! Simple, effective, and 98% automated sales prospecting technique for building a high-quality prospect list and sending the emails as well.

If you need additional help to launch this integration, here's a cool video.

Sales prospecting technique #5 - Use LinkedIn posts

I like this sales prospecting technique for two reasons:

  • If someone engages with your post, it means that he’s looking either for a solution like yours or the knowledge you have to offer
  • It’s a great way of building meaningful relationships that can easily result in converting your prospects into customers

This sales prospecting strategy is purely based on one thing:

Sharing great content.

Here’s how this prospecting technique works:

1. Write high-quality articles that solve their pain points

It takes time, as it should.

2. Distribute your articles through engaging LinkedIn posts

Here's an example:

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - linkedin lead generation content post

Why this LinkedIn post performed so well?

  • Engaging intro - going straight to the point
  • Proof - it’s not just talking, it’s offering value
  • I'm asking people to comment on the post to bring more visibility
  • Gif - showcasing those 29 pages is compelling

To kickass the visibility of this post, I’ve also used lempod.

What do you do next? Plenty of possibilities, for example:

  • You can reach out to them on LinkedIn automatically by using tools like Skylead
  • You can ask them for their email address and continue to nurture them from there

Whatever option you choose, remember that you have one goal:

Build relationships!

Sales prospecting technique #6 - Use your personal brand to book 110% more meetings

This prospecting technique will help you build your prospect list slowly. It’s a long-term game, but it brings many benefits.

Pedro Cortes is a SaaS consultant and LinkedIn is his main acquisition channel.

His expertise is improving conversions with targeted brand messaging and communication. Since this is a relatively new field of marketing, he decided to educate his target audience.

Pedro doesn’t just create LinkedIn posts and then link back to his website.

He is creating how-to videos and he keeps the content on LinkedIn.

This allows him to:

  • Offer pure value
  • Have better reach on LinkedIn since his content stays on the platform

Here’s one of his posts:

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - linkedin market education

While I was chatting with Pedro to understand the results behind this strategy, he told me that with this LinkedIn sales prospecting technique, he managed to book 110% more meetings.

As proof, he showed me a screenshot of his inbox:

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - leads from linkedin

To understand how he’s getting new prospects and meetings, he created a little survey before people can book a meeting with him.

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - linkedin leads

I know what you’re thinking right now, speaking at podcasts isn’t quite a sales prospecting technique.

But hear me out...

You probably won’t be able to create a prospect list from it. But instead of reaching out to your high-quality prospects, they might come to you.

That’s the power of podcasts.

What's the best way to get featured on them?

Send a killer podcast outreach email.

Here’s how Vuk, our Head of Growth, managed to feature our CEO Guillaume on target podcasts.

Sales prospecting techniques for building prospect list - podcasts email

What’s great about this cold email template?

  • an intriguing subject line that prompts people to open the email
  • {{Sentence}} tag that's unique for every podcast host, which in this case was a genuine compliment
  • It offers value and suggests them topics (it’s a huge time-saver for them)
  • It provides social proof and G's street cred

And the results were great...

guillaume moubeche podcast

Bottom line

As we can see, building a prospect list with these sales prospecting techniques can be way more fun than doing ordinary prospecting and investing hours and hours in research.

The only question now is:

Are you willing to execute them properly?

Now is the time!

Create a free account on lemlist and try some of these sales prospecting techniques.

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