Working in an agency is tough. The bigger the agency, the more clients to deal with. The longer the client list, the more challenging your workload.

An interesting thing about marketing agencies is the fact that your job not only depends on getting your clients' revenue to go up, you also need to devote a serious amount of attention to your own revenue too.

But then again, there's no one successful who took it easy. It should be hard.

One of the ongoing tasks, at least in my experience, was to handle negotiations when bringing on a client, create various proposals, upsell and do a lot of following up where it was necessary.

Before joining the SaaS world, I was working in an agency.

Now, I didn't have lemlist back then to leverage it for my follow-up email strategy.

You do!

Here are two interesting ways to use it.

Introducing agency follow-up no. 1 - Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are a hot marketing asset for quite some time now. The thing I like about them is that they are not expensive for entrepreneurs who don't have too much money to pour into it.

By listening to the market, you begin to realize two things:

  • Not every marketer runs them properly a.k.a. without setting up the REAL funnel and knowing the dynamics behind it (retargeting, tracking, reporting etc.)
  • Not every employer has the patience to wait for results

This represents an opportunity, if you got the chops of course.

On my end, I wanted to throw in one email template to your game. You focus on the Facebook Ads proposal and use this template (or make your own twist) to bring their attention to that proposal when following-up.

Sales follow-up emails
Hi {{firstName}},

Imagine that you got someone grinding so hard on your Facebook Ads that one day your name pops in Time Square.


{{firstName}}, to show you I'm for real, made you a quick video.

Need 3.5 minutes of your time to demonstrate how to build your Facebook Ads Funnel that actually converts.

This is the exact process I've used to drive [RESULT] for [COMPANY]

I'll show you that too. Here's the link.

Take care,


Oh, and while we're talking about ads, I wanted to share an article that digs deep into Dynamic Facebook Ads from my buddy Ben. Good read if you're operating in that environment.

Introducing agency follow-up no. 2 - Branding

Unlike Facebook Ads, where you can compete against directly measurable KPIs, with branding, you don't have that luxury.

For all of us content creators out there, our main threat are the wrong expectations set by our clients or company execs.

While we're at it, never allow yourself to be cornered into a situation where you have to justify your work with a metric that's not connected to it. You can't win.

For marketing agencies on the other hand, it can become a little bit frustrating when you're negotiating to take over a branding or a creative project.

Follow-ups are, at least the way I see it, inevitable.

Here's one powered by lemlist personalized images.

Sales follow-up emails
Hi {{firstName}},

Facilitating transactions is objective number one for any business. The second part of the equation is building a brand. Giving {{companyName}} the ULTIMATE POWER. 👇


{{firstName}}, I made you a quick video as I want to help you accomplish this. For real!

Need 3.5 minutes of your time to show you the entire plan and why I'm the man for the job. 3.5 minutes, that's it!

Here's the link.

Take care,


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Hope these templates bring 💥💥💥 to your world. Leave a comment below if you wanna start a conversation around marketing agencies, their work and how does email outreach fit into everything.

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