I’m gonna be real with you - writing a perfect sales email template requires time, patience, experience and in-depth research. If your sales email templates are failing to give you more than 10% open rates and reply rates of 5%, then you definitely need to change something with your outreach game.

But that’s completely normal.

All of us were there.

Including myself:

Just look at these terrible results.

But - after some time and a lot of hard work - my results got improved:

Almost 1000 people from one campaign clicked on one link. That’s amazing!

So, in this article, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. We’ve collected 12 extremely personalized sales email templates so you can skip our own trial and error process and start getting amazing results right away.

Are you ready to smash your goals in 2021? Well, we’re as well!

Why your sales email template fails and how to fix them

There’re a lot of things you should consider as the variable when it comes to the bad cold outreach results. Perhaps it can be your email deliverability or bad and false email addresses.

But - in most cases - the problem lies in your subject line and the sales email template itself.

Pro Tip: If you have huge bounce rates and can’t find right email addresses, make sure to read our ultimate guide on how to find anyone’s email address - not to mention that big bounce rates will force Google to mark your email domain as spammy.

Now let’s go back to the subject line and bad sales email template.

Over my career, I was doing a lot of sales email outreach. And like I mentioned at the beginning - my results at the beginning were terrible.

So here are the 5 mistakes I made at the beginning when it comes to the subject line and sales email template in general.

The great subject line is essential for triggering people to click on your cold email. On the other hand - sales email template is there to force them to reply or make a click.

Here’re the mistakes I was making in my early days:

  • The subject line and sales email template were not personalized
  • The subject line wasn’t catchy enough
  • Winning sales email templates need to be well-researched and backed-up with a lot of personalization - I lacked with that - the thing I hate the most in this world is data gathering - but - it’s necessary for successful campaigns.
  • Usually - funny emails tend to perform the best - I didn’t know how to make jokes :(
  • A lot of sales email templates are about you not them - one of the biggest mistakes I was making was talking about me and my product/service instead about my potential customers and their benefits.

Now when we saw what are some common problems with subject lines and email templates itself, let’s see some winning examples that drove our amazing results.

To illustrate all of this - here’s one example I really liked. It’s not necessarily the sales email template - but this cold email has everything it needs to have for the BIG SUCCESS:

Just pay attention to personalization, jokes and engagement this email brings. Thanks to my mate Aditya from Venngage for sharing this with us.

Pro Tip: Not every sales email template works for everyone. It’s always a good practice to, when using some template from others, change something that’s more in your style and that’s a better fit for your target audience. Sometimes it can be just a joke or the overall composition of the email. Keep this in mind for the best results.

Now let’s see 12 killing sales email templates that will help you to crush your 2021 goals! :)

Sales email templates for B2B prospecting

Sales email templates for B2B prospecting are a really important part of your sales cycle. At the end of the day - their purpose is to identify companies that are more likely to work with you and that belong to your target audience.

1. Show that you care about your potential customer’s business

Having a personalized and well-researched sales email template is the first step towards building a good relationship with your potential clients.

Thus - showing that you care about your potential customer’s business is a great way to make a good first impression.

Here’s a template that helped us achieve amazing results when it comes to B2B prospecting:

Subject line: Ideas & Feedback for {{companyName}}

Bonjour {{firstName}},

Just saw one of {{companyName}}’s post on my LinkedIn thread and after digging a bit more into what you guys do, I came up with a few ideas 😇

Since I find what you’re doing very innovative, I also did a brainstorming session with my team and we came up with a few things that could really help you boost your growth.

Below is the picture of some ideas we had
I also took some more notes about how to execute those ideas so if you’re free sometime next week I’d love to have a chat with you!

Have a lovely day!


In the picture, make sure to put some real ideas for every prospect - this will help them to take you seriously and consider meeting up with you. Also - instead of mentioning that you “saw some LinkedIn post” - you can put inside the exact LinkedIn post you saw - on this way - your cold email template will be more personalized and you’ll make it less salesy.

This template can be great for all Entrepreneurs, startup’s founders and the freelancers as well. This sales email template is extremely scalable and you can easily reach a huge amount of people.

Pro Tip: At lemlist - you’re able to create personalized images - this helps you to leave a better first impression and have a better first touch with your potential customers.

2. Value-based sales email template

This sales email template is very similar to the previous one. To be exact - this template is used by Ilya Azovstev - and here’s how he acquires his new customers:

Subject line: Love your LinkedIn Post

Heyo {{firstName}},

Was reading one of your recent LinkedIn posts about #growth, and I loved it 😍

I saw an opportunity for you to boost your LinkedIn posts.

Check it below 👇
Ping me at any time if you're interested in boost your LinkedIn content.


And this is his BOMB as the follow up:

Subject line: Same as the previous email


Not sure that you received my previous email, but I wanted to bump it up.

There is a little trick I use to boost my LinkedIn post views. So I have only 5k followers, but my posts can easily reach 100k views:

Sure you can do the same with your #growth content - "How I reached 100K views on LinkedIn"

Here is a screenshot 👇
Are you interested in getting the same results?


Boom - and this is how you sell your product. Just put a pure value and gold inside their inbox and you’re ready to go!

Sales email template asking for meeting in-person

If you’re chasing for companies in the same city as you are - then this is going to be a killing sales email template for you. But if you’re chasing customers on the other part of the world as well - perhaps you can take some online coffee. Why not?

3. Coffee?

This email template can both be used as the follow-up or the first cold email you’re sending.

Here’s it:

Subject line: Coffee?

Bonjour {{firstName}},

I've reached out to you a few days ago but haven't heard from you since then... I know that your time is valuable, so what do you think about the following:

You, me... a 10-minute call on Thursday 5 pm ET?

For you, a tall, non-fat latte with caramel drizzle 😇

Me, well…
Let me know which day suits you best so I can pass by... 😊


This cold sales email template can be great, well, for everyone! Seriously - if you really want to meet someone in-person (or with online coffee) - go to the nearest Starbucks and order two coffees - but please - without the names on it!

You can adjust your names inside your lemlist account.

4. Leverage the power of industry events and sales outreach

You’re going to some industry event? Great - that’s an amazing opportunity to meet new people, build great relationships and even close some clients.

Here’s how we leveraged the power of industry events and sales outreach to meet amazing people at SaaStock.

In this sales email template - we used something we like to call - “personalized video” - video is pretty much the same for everyone else - but the cover image is personalized with prospect’s name and company logo.

Here’s how it looks like:

Subject line: let’s meet at SaaStock Dublin {{firstName}},

Just saw that you were also attending SaaStock this year, so I thought I would reach out with a short video 😊
or click here to watch it.

What do you think?

G 💌


There are exactly 120 opened emails (from 179), while almost 70 of them watched the video. Not bad at all.

Do you see how amazing results you can get with lemlist’s personalized videos?

Sales email templates for agency owners

Getting clients for your agency through sales outreach can sometimes be the real pain in the 🍑.

Believe me - I’ve been there.

But fortunately - here’s a couple of sales email templates that can help you to get a ton of new leads, schedule a bunch of meetings, or close new clients directly through cold outreach.

Let’s see them:

5. Make your entire team as the central figure around the email template

This sales email template essentially uses the screenshot of your potential customer’s website, mentions your team, and guess what?

It presents you as an expert in your field.

Are you ready to rock’n’roll? :)

Subject line: Ideas & Feedback for {{companyName}}

Bonjour {{firstName}},

We selected {{companyName}} as our weekly winner for the "Website review and analysis of B2B services" 🎉

In essence, every week we choose one lucky website and we go through all the things that we could improve in order to help you guys grow.

We usually do it with a brainstorming session with 2-3 people from our team (I've attached the photo of our meeting below).
Sarah from our team also took some more notes about all the ideas we had so if you’re free sometime next week I’d love to have a chat with you!

Have a lovely day!

No worries - you won’t actually need to go through all prospects in your list and take the screenshots of their websites. Lemlist will do it automatically for you - you just need to put your prospect’s website URL in your sheet.

This sales email template is great for web design agencies - but it can be used for others as well. The screenshot doesn’t need to be a home page of their website - it can be a screenshot of their article, social media account, some campaign, and other things.

6. Make your potential clients “greedy” for success

The goal here is to unleash a desire in your prospect’s eyes for the success and results you can bring them.

But be careful here - this email template is effective (very effective), but it requires a big personalization. Otherwise - if your custom snippets are the same for everyone - it just won’t work.

Let’s crack it out:

Subject line: Why 2021 is a year of {{companyName}}

🤜🤛 {{firstName}},

Don’t know if you’ve noticed it too, but [WRITE THE OPPORTUNITY HERE]. This represents a major opportunity for {{companyName}}.

And it's precisely where you and I come in…

If you remember, this is exactly how [WRITE A PROOF OR AN EXAMPLE HERE].

So, with that in mind, I wanted to bring your attention to [WRITE YOUR VALUE PITCH HERE].

Essentially, do this {{firstName}}:
See you on the other side,

7. Sales email template we like to call “Tinder for companies” :)

This sales email template is pretty simple, funny and yet effective. It’s great for building partnerships and acquiring new clients.

Here’s it:

Subject line: I think it’s a match…

Bonjour {{firstName}},

I was on Companynder (Tinder for companies) and well... I'll let the screenshot below talks for itself...
Well ok... maybe I've made that "Companynder App" up but to be honest, I definitely think our business could benefit from each other and I'd love to have a chat with you 😊

Would you be free sometime this week?


Pretty funny right? :D

As in the example with the screenshot - you won’t need to download each prospect’s logo manually - lemlist will take it from their website by itself.

Simple - but yet very powerful.

8. Honest and direct sales email template

Sometimes, when doing sales, being honest, direct and transparent from the very beginning can be a good strategy. But again - I would say that it mostly depends on your target audience.

There’re definitely businesses that are, because of their nature, receiving a low amount of cold sales emails - and thus - perhaps this sales email template can be a perfect match for you.

Businesses like these can be for example some local plastic manufacturers - but again - this email template can work on a worldwide scale as well.

Here’s it:

This email is written and published by Alfie Marsh and we’re more than grateful that he shared it with the world.

As you can see - this is a direct and honest sales email template. But, unlike others, this one is backed up with a lot of data and well-researched.

Why do I like this sales email template?

- Before all - it’s customer-centric - which means that it’s about them, not about you.
- It’s relevant and well-researched. Providing all those data shows that this email wasn’t sent to a massive amount of people. Even more - it’s carefully curated to the particular prospects.

9. Sales email template for converting website visitors

Someone who already visited your website might be a good match - perhaps he can be interested in your product or service. Thus - following up with them can be a good way to go.

But note - for this email template to work - you’ll need to have some website lead generation software like Albacross to identify companies that are visiting your website.

Fortunately - lemlist teamed up with Albacross team - and whenever some company visits your website, you will be able to automatically import them into your list through Zapier. No need to manually go through Albacross, then sheets and then lemlist all the time. :)

Here’s how this sales email template looks like:

Subject line: You’ve checked mine so… I’ve checked yours

Bonjour {{firstName}},

My team of robots have alerted me that someone from your team visited our website...

Since every single visitor is important for us, we've decided to check what you're working on... And well... How should I say it... I'll let the photo below speaks for itself
Well, you get it... We're a big fan!

I'd love to get on a call with you so we can discuss how we can help each other out!

Could you please give me your two best availabilities?


Here’s why I really like this sales email template:

  • It serves as a “follow up” to people who already might be interested into what you have to offer - thus - it’s not so cold email :)
  • It’s funny.
  • It’s about them - not you
  • You’re not trying to sell anything - yet. Instead, you’re offering collaboration and mutual help. It’s a win-win situation.

Sales email templates for selling online courses and other digital products

You’re looking to sell the new online course you’ve just created? Or your brand new ebook?

Then these are the right sales email templates for you! :)

10. Email template for event/webinar invitation

Getting people to attend your event or webinar can be though. Thus - you need to have a carefully planned event promotion strategy.

And one of the most important parts of your event promotion strategy is the cold email outreach.

Here’s one sales email template that might help you to get a big number of attendees:

Subject line: Let’s hang out {{firstName}}

Hi {{firstName}},

We're organizing a special and invite-only meetup for {{jobPosition}}. We'd be thrilled if you could join us.


Only one thing you gotta does at this point.

Confirm your attendance here.


As you can see, it’s simple and powerful.

The reason why I like it very much is that it’s frictionless - and there’re no 100 steps for your attendees to do in order to sign-up.

11. They’re not converting yet? Good! Because after this they will

When selling digital products - you can have a huge checkout abandonment rate. That’s completely normal and okay. But what’s not okay - is sellers not trying to convert them.

Now, there’re two things you can do to convert people who abandoned your checkout page:

  • You can retarget them through Facebook and YouTube ads
  • You can retarget them through email - which costs less and it’s more effective.

Here’s the exact sales email template to do that:

Subject line: Little surprise for you {{firstName}}

Hi {{firstName}},

I feel like your having last-minute hesitations about buying {{trainingName}}.
As promised, got a little surprise for you {{firstName}}. I've decided to give you one module from the training for free... so that you can see it's the real thing.

Here's a quick overview of what members get + your free module.

{{module1}} Yours for free. ;)

Click here to claim it.

See you on the other side,


12. Use FOMO to convert more attendees

FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) is one of the most powerful sales techniques you can use to drive more customers, get more sales, or convert more attendees.

Do you remember those boring ads on TV 15 years ago when they were offering a set of pots, but if you buy instantly you will also get a set of knives for free?

That’s one of the best examples of using FOMO in your marketing.

And here’s how to use it to close more attendees:

Subject line: Last call {{firstName}}... closing soon

Hey {{firstName}},

Gotta say, {{trainingName}} received such a great response from you guys, that we need to close the doors.

My goal is to provide everyone with as much value as I can. So decided to turn the attention to connecting with all of you 1 on 1.

This is the last call for {{trainingName}}.

Here's a quick course overview if you're still having doubts.


Plus, I'm adding more and more content every day.

The clock's ticking. Get in while you still can.

[Sign up link]

See you on the other side,

13. If the pricing is an issue - send this

Pricing can be an issue very often - especially when we’re talking about digital products - and this is gonna be a perfect sales email template for overcoming that obstacle.

Yes - it includes offering some “special offer” - but on a funny and engaging way:

Subject line: Is pricing an issue {{firstName}}?

Hi {{firstName}},

I understand... my course is expensive!

Plus, you missed out on my legendary discount back in June... it can get frustrating.

But because you've stuck around and followed my stuff on Social, I want to send you a special offer that I don't advertise to the public.

To make things a bit interesting, consider this as a one-time offer. It won't last forever and will expire soon.

X month payment plan at $$$/month.

I think this is fair.

Click here to sign up to {{courseName}} and claim your custom-made deal.

Let me know,

14. Have a community? Ask other people to join!

The community can serve as a great top-of-funnel strategy to drive new leads and get customers. Personally, at lemlist and lempod we’re using communities to get to know other people, show them value and finally - convert them into customers with amazing “success stories” from our products.

And here’s one of our most performing sales email templates for asking people to join our communities - again - here we’re using personalized videos to drive engagement and improve open and reply rates:

Subject line: {{firstName}}, lemlist has a question for you

We know… email outreach is tough!

That’s why we are finally launching a Facebook Community so we can help each other out!

The name: The Email Outreach Family

Why this name? Because we want this group to be a family, a safe place for people to share and exchange their experience so we can all improve our email outreach skills.

I also made a quick video for you {{firstName}} ❤️
CEO @ lemlist

15. Use personalized landing pages to drive engagement

Personalization never ends. It starts with your sales email template, personalized images, personalized videos, and after that - with personalized landing pages.

At lemlist - we are using our personalized landing page feature to drive better engagement and conversion rates from our sales outreach campaigns.

For example, when we were doing our event promotion strategy to reduce the no-show rate at one of our events, we used the personalized landing page to make sure that as much of people will attend.

Here’s how it looked like:

Subject line: Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow

Hello {{firstName}},

When I saw your name on the list for our event tomorrow at Station F, I just had to send you this short video 😍

Personalized Image

or click here ...

Meet you tomorrow at 18:00 at Station F (Alan Turing 75013) and don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions ❤️

See you soon,

Once the prospect clicks on the personalized image or link, he will be redirected to our personalized Eventbrite landing page:

When it comes to the personalized image - you can put almost anything you want - just show off your spirit and be engaging with people :)

But, what were the results of this sales email template?

Exactly 278 people registered from the event - while more than 200 people actually attended.

Key learnings to crush your 2021 goals

As you can see - if you want to get amazing results and reach your goals in 2021 - your emails need to be hyper-personalized.

Everyone is sending cold emails right now - and knowing how to stand out from the crowd is the key.

So, here’re the final tips you can use to create an amazing sales email template:

  • Pay attention to personalization - the more details you include about the prospect - the better results you can expect
  • Research your prospects in-depth - great research will not just help you to personalize your sales email template better - but it will also help you to find out more about the prospect. For example, if they’re a Game of Thrones or Chicago Bulls fans - you can use that to build initial engagement and relationship.
  • Use personalized images - Personalized images are working right now - but the question is - will they work in 2,3 years? Right now, rarely who is using them - so it’s your opportunity to be the early adopter and take the swing and benefits - before it’s too late and before everyone starts using them.
  • Be funny - No one loves snobs and boring people - be funny and catch their attention.
  • Make a clear CTA - always write your sales email templates on the way that your prospect will know what to do next. If he doesn’t know - he will just leave your email and delete it.
  • Write about them, not about you - If you write about them, not about you, people will be more engaged with your cold email.

As you can see - it’s pretty simple. Almost everything you need to do in order to crush your 2021 goals is to hyper-personalized your sales email template by using real facts and personalized images.

Are you ready for amazing results?

Well - you can find all of those templates directly inside lemlist.

We’re waiting for you on the other side ;)

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