Following on our big announcement last week, I wanted to write a detailed article about all the changes and improvement we’ve made at lemlist 😍

As I mentioned previously, our vision is to make an easy to use platform that is fun and highly human! Since we grew to 5000+ customers in the last months, we’ve decided to implement a lot of feedback we’ve received!

Buddies to Be

We’ve all been there… Talking about contacts, prospects, leads, qualified leads etc… For us, all this terminology is totally dehumanising the relationships you want to build with the persons you’re reaching out to. That’s actually why, as of now, we will only talk about “Buddies to be”. Because we believe that we do business with people we like value and trust (a bit like friends in the end).

By introducing this new terminology we want to really emphasise on the fact that it is important to research the person you’re reaching out to prior sending him emails. Using ultra personalisation and automation is the key to getting more replies to your emails.

Import your Data

Importing data is now super easy and blazing fast like the entire lemlist platform. You can either import a CSV file (including a new drag n drop feature), enter your emails manually or now use a list from an existing campaign based on behaviours (all persons who have not opens your emails for instance).

Select between 3 different ways to import your data
The Sexy Drag N Drop Feature for lazy persons such as myself ❤️
The ability to choose a list from an existing campaign based on behaviours

Making Stats Human and Sexy

We all know that each action (opens, clicks, replies etc…) has an impact on the success of your campaigns… In order to make your buddies to be more human, we’ve decided to associate each of their action to a specific emoji showing an emotion 😍

A Buddy to Be Centric Approach

The side bar has now some superpowers ❤️ 

You have now the ability to know all the information about your buddy to be: In which campaign is he enrolled, has he opened, clicked, reply to one of your email and in which campaign... All of this done like magic thanks to some powerful yet very easy to use filters!

Campaign Monitoring

"When will the next email be sent?" "Is my campaign still active or is it done?" Those are some common questions you might have asked yourself before we decide to change the interface. But don't worry, the new interface will allow you to monitor every single step of your campaign ❤️  

We've also redone entirely the "review" page to make it super sexy and easy to use.

Email composer  

We've changed the design of the editor so it's much easier to edit your template now.

From Unsubscribe to Graveyard

Well... It's Okay... You can't become friends with everyone... That's actually why we've renamed the unsubscribe section... Graveyard 😱

I know it's  bit scary... But well... You know... If they don't want to hear from you it's cool ❤️

There are a lot of other changes that I'm sure you'll all love so make sure to check all the updates on the platform and Sign Up for a free trial if you haven't done it yet!