With lemlist being the pioneer in using personalized images into your emails in order to get more replies, I've realized that it is often difficult to understand the scope of what was doable or not with lemlist. Hence, this little article πŸ˜‡

Using custom text variables on images

Using custom variables such as {{firstName}}, {{companyName}} etc... can be extremely powerful in term of personalization, especially if used directly integrated in an image.

Below is a quick example of how you can do just that with lemlist.

Using dynamic website screenshots into an image

What if you could insert in an image, the screenshot of the website of the person you're reaching out to? That would be pretty cool right? Well... that's exactly what you can do with lemlist! The beauty of it? It is done AUTOMATICALLY thanks to our own technology 😍

I'll explain how to do it and also how it works exactly below!

Using dynamic company logos into an image

Company logos are probably the best way to create an impact and get the attention of the person you're reaching out to. How would you react if you saw the logo of your company inside an email from someone you don't know? You'd probably be thinking that this person has spent time personalizing the email and that you should spend some time reading it through... Getting the attention of the person you're reaching out to is the first step to building a relationship and that's exactly what you're gonna be able to do!

Thanks to our own technology, we can easily go and get the logo of the company of the person you're reaching out to. In order for this to work perfectly, you need to use business email addresses such as firstname@company.com - I'll explain how this work below πŸ˜‡

Making a clickable personalized image inside an email

Well... I guess we're all aware of that, humans love to click on buttons! And that's not different when it comes to email. Clickable images can increase the click rate by 500% compare to normal links! Lucky for you, you can make your personalized images clickable thanks to lemlist.

Whether it's a CTA button or a Play button so it looks like a video, any image can become clickable.

Want to know how? Simply check the video below 😎

I hope you enjoyed reading that article and if you need some inspiration on how to create emails with personalized images, check out all our successful templates πŸ˜‡