When it comes to cold email outreach campaigns, there are a few factors that determine the success or failure of your strategy. Things like headlines, length, timing, and CTA’s all play an important part.

So, you might be wondering why email personalisation has been singled out as the topic of conversation in today’s post. 

Well, it’s because personalisation is the change agent that transforms a simple cold email into a sales copy masterpiece.

It also prevents your prospects from seeing your email as another vanilla junk email and then proceeding to dump it straight into the trash bin.

When made correctly, they can stop prospects in their tracks and get them to pay attention to what you have to say, which let’s just say won’t be a bad thing for your company’s bottom line. 

Consider this alongside the ‘Rule of 7’ which says that a prospect must hear your marketing message at least 7 times before they’ll purchase from you, and it’s easy to see why personalisation is super important if you want to be noticed in your prospect’s busy inbox.

Cool huh? Well just wait ‘til you find out about email personalisation’s other super powers….

Personal touches capture our attention

As humans, regardless of where we come from, have one thing in common; we like to feel valued, included and respected. So, when you forgot personal touches in your cold outreach it ignores these basic human wants.

To give you an example, it’s for the same reason that personalised key rings, pens and cards continue to be so popular.

And, when you're part of the unfortunate group who’s name never seems make it on to the printing companies list, it hurts! But why does it hurt? It’s because you've been excluded which violates the human wants detailed above.

It follows, that to capture your prospect’s attention your email needs to be tailored to suit them. Doing this shows you’re invested and that your communication with them isn’t by chance, making your offer more compelling and the prospect more likely to engage.

If you want to see significant progress in your campaigns, generic ‘Dear Sir’ and ‘Hello Madam’ emails simply won’t cut it.

Look at it from the prospect’s point of view, if you haven’t taken the time to make draft some helpful suggestions on how they can improve their business, or provided some useful information to help them get ahead, why should they take the time out of their hectic schedule to respond to you?  

So, to increase your chances of success, you’ll need to come prepared with something that’ll be of value to the prospect to.

Emotional triggers spur action

Here’s another psychology 101 point for you, people are driven by emotions which compel them to act in a certain way when triggered.

These are emotions like fear, anxiety, excitement and happiness. What’s more, such emotions can be activated with words, and they make the things we read, watch and hear more memorable.

To put things into perspective, think of last film you watched. Which parts stuck with you? My guess is the scary, heart-wrenching or even exciting scenes.

This is because film was able to ignite feelings which you then attached to those scenes, and so can recall them better than those that didn’t spark any emotions.

Personalisation undoubtedly gives you a chance to stand out by touching on the prospects pain points, desires and needs to push them to take the action you want.

Combine this with a personalised photo or video and a healthy dose of your personality and it’ll give you a better shot at converting.

Personalised emails can build a solid foundation for your business

In business, it’s always a wise move to keep your network warm and evergreen by nurturing current business relationships whilst actively seeking out new partners and clients.

This approach keeps you on the radar of your network, even if they don’t need your services just yet, and ensures you have access to a steady stream of leads.

But as a busy working professional, I’m sure you’re wondering how you'll have the time to do both. Well, this is where automated personalised outreach platforms like  lemlist really work their magic.  

Use it to send personalised emails and videos to help you stay up to date with development’s in your network whilst simultaneously expanding your prospect base.

This clever strategy not only saves you time you would have otherwise spent on manually writing and sending for each contact but also the time and mental bandwidth you would have expended anxiously obsessing over your messages to make doubly-sure they had the right tone, message and call-to-action.

Using this time-hacking strategy can see your business through the slow seasons and rough patches all businesses face at some point by ensuring your leads don’t dry up.

Not only this, it'll help slay your competition in the good times.  

It shows your prospects that genuinely care about your prospect’s success

you remember the last time you received a money-grabbing cold email sent by an over-enthusiastic salesperson?

How did this make you feel? Indifferent? Slightly annoyed? Or maybe it was so bad you were enraged!

Sure, the salesperson's enthusiasm can’t be faulted but I’m sure you were far from impressed by their attempts to get a quick sale from you. And why is this? Well, consciously or not, this was most likely due to the salesperson’s lack of care for your wants and needs.

They failed to address or even acknowledge them. Instead, what they delivered was a page long, self-centred sales email designed to get the salesperson what they wanted.

After assessing this scenario, it’s easy to see why when done correctly, crafting tailored advice or suggestions to help solve your prospect’s issues or improve their business, will pay dividends in your business.

Whilst this requires an investment of time upfront, it shows the prospect that you care about their success and not just your interests.

You’ll be less likely to trigger spam filters

On a more technical note, email providers are now more sophisticated than they’ve been and fiercely protect recipients from a flood of unsolicited emails hitting their inboxes. This could wreak havoc on your cold email outreach, but luckily there is a way to get around it.

Adding personal touches to your emails can reduce the risk of your account being flagged as suspicious and your messages being labelled as spam.

This is huge, as both issues can affect the deliverability of your future emails and result in your email account being given a one-way ticket on to your email provider's blacklist.

Some great personalisation ideas come in the form of images, videos and gifs that depict you and your team’s personalities, inject humour to get a giggle out of your prospect or briefly tell your story in an interesting way.

You then tie in the value adding points (the feedback, suggestions or advice discussed above) to encourage engagement. It’s that simple.

This is your chance to get creative. Aim to make your email the coolest one your prospect will read all day.

Rounding up….

As you’ve seen, personalisation of your cold outreach emails goes a lot further than just adding the names of your prospects and hoping they will get back to you. 

Quite frankly, emails void of personalisation suck, for you and the prospect. And, as a result, everyone loses.

You waste time by putting it together and not showing your business in a great light and they waste time reading it, giving the biggest eye roll known to man and hitting delete.

So, don’t waste all your time and effort spent curating a list of qualified people to contact go to waste because you didn’t include a few easy customisations in your emails.

When emails are customised correctly, they're powerful tools that can get you more leads and keep those you’ve already got, nice and warm.

Put some skin the game by investing time in adding personal touches to your emails (top marks go to those who include a personalised picture or recorded a video of themselves) as they could be the attention-grabbing conversation starter you need to grow your business.