If you work in recruitment, whether in-house or for an agency, chances are your work days are busy. Like, jam-packed busy. You’re constantly trying to balance overseeing multiple people, all at various stages of the recruitment process.

This can lead to you missing out on opportunities due to unwillingly neglecting things like initial outreach emails, follow ups, negotiation emails, partnership requests, and quite worryingly, business enquiries.

And guess where these neglected leads are going... Straight to your competitors….

Even in the best recruitment jobs, parts of it can lose their novelty after a while, like sitting in an hour-long interview.

Especially, when it’s your third one of the day, you’re sick of interviewing, fed up of talking and getting pangs of anxiety when you think about pile of work waiting for you on their desk.

To make matters worse, you’d already realised 10 minutes in that the candidate wasn’t the right person for the job. So, you endured a sinking feeling because you had to waste the remaining 50 minutes out of politeness, particularly when the person was senior in rank.

Through no fault of your own, the situation is from ideal. But fear not, there is a time-hacking solution to your talent sourcing problem.

What is it? Automated personalised emails.

Not your boring, run-of-the-mill type but ones that actually move candidates down your recruitment process, so hear me out.

By cleverly using automated personalised emails, you can stay in touch with existing candidates whilst reaching out to new ones.

This strategy will help you to stop worrying about your ever-increasing workload and things such putting up job posting but not having enough time to contact relevant applicants to establish communication.

Instead, you’ll be able to use your energy on talent acquisition and revenue producing tasks, so you can exceed your targets with ease.

Sound interesting? Well, there’s more...

Get and stay connected without sacrificing your precious time

It’s not easy to balance going after new candidates whilst maintaining the existing relationships you have with prexisting ones.

Why not use automated personalised emails to handle introductions, initial interactions, follow ups and meeting setups?

This way, you’ll never miss a thing. Not a reply, application or even meeting request, which can only be a good thing for your business.

Also, it’ll ensure your prospects and candidates are treated like people instead of leads.

This'll prevent all your hard work spent networking from going to waste by stopping existing warm leads from going cold through maintaining the connection.

You can also use this approach to warm up cold leads by opening a conversation via email. So handy!

Screen potential candidates by email. Easy.

On to the topic of interviews, no matter what side of the table you currently sit, we all know how long they take. 2 – 3 rounds of intense Q and A is considered the norm in many industries.

Don’t make it any longer for yourself by entertaining candidates that are not right for the job.

With personalised emails you can take control of the screening process remotely by sending things like initial questions, links to online tests and scheduling software.

Feel free to get creative with your recruitment process by using personalised emails to request that candidates record and send video answers of themselves complete with a link to a video recording platform.

You can even use this approach to suss out partnership and proposal requests from companies you haven’t worked with. This’ll help you decide which relationships are worth pursuing and cut out a load of unnecessary introductory meetings.

Get to know potential candidates in your own time

before committing to an interview

Once you’re done screening potential candidates, you can start finding out even more about them using personalised emails before you commit to an interview.

With outreach automation tools like lemlist, you can do this without sacrificing human elements or personal touches in your emails.

Take advantage of the opportunities available to field information from them using automated emails that appear especially written for them.

These can include in-depth questionnaires, short quizzes to fill, scheduling employee one to ones, or even prompts for candidates to update their profile information.

The opportunities are endless with outreach automation platforms.

They'll help you reduce the amount of wasted time and energy caused by administrative tasks and manual follow up often must complete.

You'll be able to allocate time to view the responses when it suits you instead of having to negotiate time slots with colleagues and candidates like you usually do.

To sweeten the deal even further, if done correctly, once you've put in the time to set up of the emails it’ll need minimal input from your side, yet you’ll still get results!

Once you have them, keep them

We all know how expensive and time consuming the onboarding process is. It can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned professional.

So, as you know, it’s important to do everything in your power to support your new recruits whilst preserving your company’s resources.

Combining personalised emails with your company’s standard induction training is a genius way to provide a seamless onboarding experience.

This’ll not only be beneficial to the recruit who will have a set of documents he or she can refer to in their inbox with just a few clicks but will also free up more time for you to concentrate on the other aspects of the candidates training and employment package.

This approach also has the added benefit of reducing churn rates, which means less wasted work on exiting employees and re-interviewing of past candidates as well as less money spent on training replacements.

Work smarter not harder

Being as busy as you are, there aren’t enough hours in the day to work harder to secure the leads you need. So, you’ll have to work smarter to meet your targets.

Do this by harnessing time-hacking powers of an automated personalised emailing service like lemlist.

It’ll give you your precious time back and make it easier to track progress the progress of your candidate outreach efforts.

Not only this, taking advantage of this service can make you more efficient as you can optimise your emails for higher open rates using the data collected from this platform and get more engagement with less time investment.

Don’t feel like you must do it alone, this should be a team effort. Make a list of all the tasks that can be put in an email an email and automated, then each team member can be allocated a task or two to craft a set of personalised emails for.

This way, productivity rates can increase across the entire team; departmental targets can be met, and everyone can experience relief from the pressures of their workload.

Closing up...

With such ground-breaking technology and productivity-hacking strategies at your fingertips, stressful, admin filled days needn't be your default.

Use personalised emails to reach prospects, screen candidates and maintain relationships. Capitalising on this opportunity can help and your team find and secure more candidates, meet targets and become more efficient.

But most importantly, it gives you the chance to reclaim your time, be in control and get ahead.

With personalised outreach tools you can work on your own terms.

At the very least, it’s worth a try. Why not give it a go?