Increasing sales using deep email outreach automation in their inbound and outbound campaigns.

Pearl Lemon uses lemlist

About Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon are global and remote B2B Sales, Lead Generation and SEO agency that in 2 short years can call companies such as Revolut, Clearbit and Vistajet as clients they have worked with.

Having won a host of awards for SEO, Copywriting and Digital Marketing, we’ve had the fortune of witnessing their growth from a bedroom to a multi 6-figure (and growing company)

Their goal

Pearl Lemon wanted to convert more leads internally for their sales reps, as well as drive more leads for their clients as well.

As a team that does a lot of outbound and inbound cold emailing - the goal is to personalize messaging to achieve better results.

To do this they were in the market for a prospecting tool and chose a combination of Lemlist integrated with gSheets and Zapier to accomplish this at scale.

We use lemlist to send outreach campaigns internally, as well as for our clients worldwide. I absolutely love the color and flavor of this company and their product.

Deepak Shukla - Founder @PearlLemon

Their strategy

Pearl Lemon use lemlist in a deceptively simple way. Their campaigns are divided into two key buckets: cold and inbound leads.

As a Sales and Search Agency, Pearl Lemon's main goal is to automate the outreach process and integrate their tool stack - so that they can address prospects at different stages of the funnel.

If you're looking to take lead generation to the next level, we get direct call bookings and tons of responses from our lemlist campaigns.

Deepak Shukla - Founder @PearlLemon

For example, as soon as somebody fills out a form on their website, or messages them on their website chat - they immediately enter their outreach funnel. In other words, the prospects start receiving carefully targeted emails depending on their behavior.

Futhermore they integrate Zapier with lemlist for the sales team to manually enter prospects who don’t show up to calls/get sent proposals/ask them to ‘follow up later’  - all into different lemlist sequences.

For outbound campaigns, the objective is to A/B test different approaches to highly qualified leads based upon job boards online that their VAs identify - that their clients would want to pitch for (as a 3rd party service provider).

These move from a ‘saved search’ into a gSheet and then lemlist via Zapier.

Since we can't show you the exact templates Pearl Lemon created, here are a few other examples you can take inspiration from and automate your own campaigns.

Their results

The beautiful thing that Pearl Lemon did is test a lot early on to figure out what works and what doesn't. As a result, they are able to drive superb results on a regular basis.

If you're looking to scale stuff for your clients - lemlist. If you're looking to do some internal marketing - lemlist. We had such great success with their product and I highly recommend it.

Deepak Shukla - Founder @PearlLemon

Finally, here are the results for two random campaigns we mentioned above.

Cold email campaign to prospects who filled a website form vol. 1

Internal cold email outreach to get more clients

The key to success?

Email automation, having all assets integrated and being authentic. We can't wait to see what Pearl Lemon does next.

Products used

These are the lemlist features Pearl Lemon is using in their campaigns:

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