In my previous blog post, I’ve shown you how to improve your sales emails deliverability. But now that you’re all set with deliverability, you’re probably wondering, “How the hell am I going to get people’s email address?”

Don’t worry, I’m here to give you a hand and show you how to get business email addresses for free. 😎

Business email address structures

If we look at work email addresses, we can quickly notice some similarities in how they’re structured. In many cases, business email addresses are created by putting an employee’s first name and last name in front of the company’s domain name.

This combination of the first name and last names is called a “pattern.” In any given company, you’ll usually find that all of the email addresses follow the same pattern (because it makes it easier). That means, if you understand a company’s email address pattern, you can technically get the email address of anyone who works there.

On average, there are 34 common patterns that the vast majority of companies follow. You can automatically generate these different structures using this tool:

Getting free email addresses

Now that we know about patterns, the question becomes how we can use these patterns to find the right email addresses for free. This is where the beauty of the “Freemium model” comes into play.

The number of tools that find people’s email addresses has increased dramatically over the past couple of years. The resulting price war has now given us a few free options that we can use.

To get 550 emails addresses for free every month, you’ll have to use a combination of freemium plans from the following companies:

With their Chrome extensions, you’ll be able to extract people’s emails from websites like LinkedIn.

Tip: Do you need more email addresses than that? Well, you can upgrade to a paid plan or if you’ve got another valid email address that you could use… We’re just sayin’ ;)

Verifying email addresses

Ok! You’ve got your email addresses so now you should start reaching out to your prospects, right? Well, no. At least, not yet.

The problem with these tools is that they don’t actually verify that the email addresses that they give you are accurate. People are changing jobs all the time. That means that they’re a lot of invalid email addresses floating around out there. Remember, if you send a message to an non-existent email address, your email will bounce and your domain reputation will take a little negative hit.

So, what do we do? All we need to do is verify that the email addresses are valid😊. To keep things simple, to verify an email address, we need to send a request from a server to the server of the domain of the email address. If it returns a positive signal that the email address exists, then you’re okay to send them a message.

Not so fast though. In some cases, domains have something called a “catchall.” A catchall will always send back a signal that the email address is valid no matter what. That means that you can’t know for sure if that email address exists. Yeah, I know. It kinda sucks…

Tip: Unless you’re 100% sure that you know the company’s email pattern and that the person is still working there, don’t send emails to domains that use a catchall. Ruining your reputation for a few valid email addresses isn’t really worth it but that’s just my humble advice. 😇

How to verify email addresses for free?

Anyway, how do we verify these email addresses (for free)? We find some more free plans, of course 😎


There are a lot of tools that you can use to verify email addresses. If you’re looking for some free ones, those three will help you out:

Verifalia — 750 email addresses per month (25 per day)

Emailable — 250 email addresses per month

Hunter — 100 email addresses per month

There you are! Now you’ll have enough verified email addresses to start sending cold sales emails.

We’re writing an article about cool tools you can use for email automation, stay tuned ❤️