Any good salesperson out there knows how to appreciate time. It's our number one asset. Imagine for a second if you could actually sell time. That's probably the only salesperson in the world that doesn't need to know anything about sales in the first place.

That's how much we love time.

It's a no-brainer that we then go crazy about products and services that turn days into hours and minutes into seconds. Even the smallest things such as a fast WiFi or that "Skip Intro" button on Netflix when watching our favorite show. We absolutely love everything about it.

I firmly believe that companies and entrepreneurs who learn how to give people back their time through amazing products and engaging content, win.

At lemlist, we're addictively obsessed with this. Anything we can do to prove it, we're all in. Today is one of those days! I'm super thrilled to introduce "LEMnews" to you.

"LEMnews" is all the news salespeople, brand builders, and entrepreneurs need to know - gathered up in one place. Best content we've found on the web, business news, major updates, in-depth analysis, you name it. Every Tuesday, we're gonna ping you with the most important things that deserve your attention.

In a world where there’s an enormous amount of content every day, we genuinely feel that it's a good idea to have someone curate the best stuff for us. That's precisely what we're planning to do for you. If your passion lies in growing businesses, closing deals, building brands, and entrepreneurship, then this is something that can be valuable to you and your team.

Time to put my money where my mouth is. Starting today...




I appreciate your attention,