The must watch webinar & why lemlist is changing it's interface

With our friends at Albacross, we've decided to go all in on revealing our secrets to transform website visitors into customers!

As a lot of you asked, we've recorded the webinar in order for you to watch it a second, third, fourth, fifth (really?) time

Here is the link

Changing the way people connect with each other through a brand new interface

A few weeks ago, we decided to went on a team retreat for ten days in Israel. One of the goals of our team retreat was to take a step back on what we've accomplished with lemlist and also digest all the feedback we've received in the last months so we can come up with fresh new ideas!

And the best way to get fresh ideas is.... well... to get fresh!

If you want to know all the cool stuff that this fresh waterfall shower has brought to the lemlist interface, then keep reading here

Redesigning the entire Email Outreach experience through a brand new interface

️After our team retreat, we realized that our mission is to Make Email Outreach Human & Fun!

One of the big change is actually to have a whole different wording when it comes to email outreach. The recipients, contacts, leads, prospects etc... Only dehumanize the person you're reaching out to... That's why we called them "Buddies to be" on lemlist - We also added much more human stats as you can see below:

Building-up on all the feedback we received from the 5000+ lemlisters in the last months we've also added some key features to make the email outreach experience super easy and blazing fast!

More ways to import data, global search with buddy to be centric approach, new campaign monitoring and much more!!

You can find out about all those changes on the article I wrote below

Find out about all the new lemlist features

Use the killer template from the webinar

In this email template we show you how you can use automatically generated website screenshot linked to a photo to increase your reply rate.

Don't forget to click on the button below if you want to learn how to create this template

Learn how to create this template