lemlist rocked it at the Zendesk EMEA Roadshow

️Bonjour lemlisters,

We had such an amazing time with Vianney at the Zendesk EMEA Roadshow presenting the future of email outreach!

We also helped Zendesk getting a 90% click rate using lemlist  - I'll get back to you with that success story in the coming weeks

Vianney & I on the left with Gabriel & Chams (Sales Director & Marketing Director EMEA at Zendesk)

The Importance of Call to Actions

What if we told you that one CTA did not only change one product, but it also brought 47 million new users?

What if we show you an example of how a business went 30% more viral by changing one single CTA?

This, along with some powerful CTA insights and tactics, can all be found in our new article. Enjoy! Call-To-Action: Actionable Tips to implement today!