Bonjour lemlisters!

lemlist V2 is only a few days away!

You've been waiting for it and here it is - We're finally launching lemlist V2!

Thanks to all your feedback, Vianney & François have been working their asses off to give you the lemlist V2 you've all been waiting for!

So, what's new?

1- You'll be able to use Outlook, Exchange and any SMTP/IMAP to send your emails! Pretty dope right?

2- You won't have to use a Google account to sign up and log in to lemlist - Now, the sending account can be a different email address that the one you've signed up with!

3- You'll be able to disconnect your sending account and add a new one, without losing any campaign data!

What you will receive early next week:

  • An email including a temporary password for your account - You'll be able to change that password directly into the "user settings" tab.

  • If you don't receive any message - don't worry :-) You can simply click on "forgot my password" and you'll receive a new password!