I wasn’t an early guest to Zapier’s party. As the matter of fact, I was always wondering what people meant by saying “I’ll run it through Zapier real quick” or even like “I’m gonna Zap it”.

I was under the impression this is some slang for developers, a code they use and never really gave it that much of thought.

Until recently.

I finally decided to step out of the dark and educate myself. Quite frankly, there were too many Zaps going on around me and it wasn’t just developers. My fellow marketers started with this Zap slang, so I was feeling left out.

IT BLEW MY MIND how good it actually is!

What Zapier comes down to is integrations. Beautiful, fast and easy integrations that give us our time back. You can do so many things with it, it’s insane. No dev required and you don’t need to spend hours and hours to make it work. You just connect what you want via Zapier, tap a few buttons and that’s it.

To give your a bit more context, I’m about to share five integrations I’ve put in motion or planning to do so soon. These are the ones I really begin to love as a Zapier rookie.

Save Twitter mentions to a gSheet

This was my first official Zap test. I’m gonna let you in on a secret, I never got to really play with Twitter, so I don’t have any results to brag about. Sure, I posted some tweets here and there, but I always shifted towards other platforms and different projects. To cut the long story short, I decided to crush my own account, or at least try to whenever I have time.

Here’s how Zapier came into play…

I wanted to be on alert if somebody mentioned me or used some specific hashtags I aim to track. On the other hand, I wasn’t planning to keep checking this on Twitter or any other platform because I don’t want to spend my time nor money on it.

“Save Twitter mentions to a Google Sheets spreadsheet” Zap made things happen in a blink of an eye. How it works is if someone tweets anything that matches your criteria (like a word, phrase, username or hashtag), Zapier saves all that info to a new row in your Google Sheet.

But that’s not the best part! It also saves you tweet's URL, body, date and time, author's name, handle, follower count, location and more. Imagine this for your company’s profile and where your team has an immediate access to. Pretty smooth, don’t you think?

Wanna use this zap? Click here

Add/Remove Newsletter Contacts from gSheets

This is one thing I’m putting in motion as you’re reading this article. The company I work at is using GetResponse to send newsletters to clients and subscribers. As there are multiple audiences we are targeting, as well as when you take industry specifics into consideration, having updated lists across different teams within the company is critical.

Zap your way through this challenge … I mean, who knew!? Luckily, I do now.

Whenever someone from the AM or Sales team adds or removes a contact in/from a list, Zapier will connect it with my list in GetResponse.

Accurate records here I go. No more imports, exports and wasting time chasing down information.

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Send Slack Messages for new deals in Hubspot CRM

Picture the situation... A new deal in your Hubspot CRM is created. You want all your colleagues to be in the loop, celebrate wins together and put a process in place what happens next.

You simply let Zapier shoot an automatic Slack message in any channel you want, whenever a new deal gets created in Hubspot.

Oh, one fun fact from me … looking forward to less Slack messages from Sales across different time zones via private channels, because you can connect Slack to any CRM you want. You know it makes sense.

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New Trello Cards from Starred Gmail Emails and Evernote Notes

Again, you’re fighting friction by decreasing the number of steps you need to take. Whatever tool your team is using for project management, chances are Zapier made some integrations for it.

Me for instance, I get a tone of internal emails mixed with not-so-frequent external emails. All of them are usually new marketing tasks. As a team, we use Trello to manage our workflow, and being the project manager for Marketing, one of my recurring tasks is to keep our Trello board clean.

Now, creating new cards is a boring task, especially if you’re in sixth gear hustling hard. To avoid going back and forth through Chrome tabs and wasting precious minutes, I just star my email and that task automatically pops up on my Trello.

One more thing … I’ve also connected my Evernote to do the same, as I sometimes take notes during meetings.

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Salesforce Leads & Slack Notifications Love Affair

I had a meeting with the Salesforce team recently where we discussed how we can make things more efficient. Having realized how powerful Zapier is, I’ve researched what kind of integrations they offer us with Salesforce.

Check this out…

Imagine you’re using Calendly to book appointments. You’ve recently decided to run a campaign on Facebook Ads where you’re going to advertise your product by leveraging powerful content and then retargeting customers to book a demo.

And let’s assume that, as a marketing asset behind the campaign, you won’t be performing the demos yourself. Somebody from Sales team is going to do it, correct?

First, you can put an action in place that every Calendly lead will be automatically recorded as a Salesforce lead with all the info you want. Not only that, but you can also notify your colleagues from Sales via Slack that a new opportunity in Salesforce has been created.

Think about how much simpler your life would be thanks to this integration. When everything’s synced and there’s a process THAT WORKS in place, everything becomes easier.

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Bottom Line

This is going to be the shortest bottom line I have ever written. It goes like this … go to Zapier, find your platforms and apps, and get your time back.

Finally, you can also create a Custom Zap. As you’re reading, I’m creating one Master gSheet that’s going to sync four other sheets I’m using across different projects.

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