How you end your email is an important factor that influences whether your conversation will go to the next level or not.

You can prepare awesome subject and intro lines, personalize your email body, but without a confident email closure, it will all be in vain.

Cold email closure = call-to-action

People need to perform an action to express their interest and show you they are willing to move to the next step. Now whether that's a meeting or something else, that's on you.

So today we'll check different ways to end your cold email and get your reply rate to go up... sky high!

Here's if you wanna jump to different cold email endings directly:

But, first things first...

How to know if your current email ending is working?

The answer to this question depends on your cold email objective.

If it's booking a call via Calendly, then your focus is on getting people to click, go to your calendar and book a meeting. This means that you will be keeping an eye on your click rate.

But in the majority of cases, the goal of your campaign is to increase your reply rate. πŸ₯ A good reply rate for cold emails starts at 8%+.

If you're having doubts about what call-to-action would work better, test it. The easiest and most precise way to know is to leverage the A/B testing option.

To do it properly, make sure to keep the same audience, subject line, email body... everything stays the same, except the ending of your email.

Let me give you an example.

A/B testing

If you need a quick A/B testing tutorial, I got one for you.

How to close an email?

As previously mentioned, the cold email ending needs to be aligned with the goal that you're pursuing with the campaign.

It'll be different for salespeople and PR managers, influencer outreach, or if you're inviting people to join your community.

But there's a formula to live by and it consists of two simple rules:

  1. Keep your CTA clean as prospects need to understand what to next
  2. Don't offer multiple options, focus on the main one only

Finally, examples.... Prepare to get entertained.

How to end an email in sales outreach?

I'll share the best email endings from cold email hub:

  • I'd love to hop on a call with you (or someone else in your team) to discuss this
  • Does tomorrow 10 am your time works for you?
  • If this resonates with you, let me know, I'll be happy to chat over coffee

This is Nadja's cold email template that got lots of replies!


Why did her CTA work so well?

If you look at the entire cold email, you'll realize that it sounds human, it's focused on creating a connection with the prospect, it's not too pushy and the CTA itself adds to that tone, being far from your typical meeting invite.

Plus, the personalized image allows them to see that Nadja is a real person.

Content collaboration is also about building relationships and not one-off deals. The high-performing endings tend to be super polite and not that pushy.

Here are some ideas from our best link building cold email templates:

  • Let me know what do you think about content collaboration between lemlist and {{CompanyName}}?
  • Let me know if you're game to make it happen?
  • It would mean the world to us if you could add a link back to our site (for claiming unlinked mentions)

Here's an example from the SEO cold email hub:

how to end an email

There is no straightforward "call-to-action". This email is about "hey it'll be cool if you add a backlink to us" and then the final part is just a classic ending with "Thanks and have a great day"!

Result? 85% reply rate. 😱

That being said, having a strong and loveable brand helps to boost this result. And, of course, sometimes helping them distribute the article is a trade you'll have to make to get a backlink.

But please distribute it for real, none of that we'll retweet BS. Helping others get value first is not only a gentle(wo)man's strategy, but it will pay off big in the long run.

How to end an email if you are building a network?

Thinking about partnerships, building a community, or connecting with influencers in your industry?

I like your style.

There's a template in our hub that was an influencer campaign in its core. Super sharp email, short, focused on getting a "Yes, I'm interested" reply before sharing additional information.

12 influencers pitched, 4 deals made. Here's how it looks...

how to end an email

Networking cold emails are dope because they are about win-win deals. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours kind of vibe.

The trick is to show your prospect what's in it for them and what you get in return. All that, in a transparent way.

If you do that, your email endings will write themselves on their own...

  • I wanted to personally invite you to the community {{link}}, hope you'll enjoy it!
  • I'd love if we could get on a call and talk about establishing this win-win partnership between our companies?
  • Would love to hear your ideas and would be thrilled to have you join our podcast. If you're up for it, let me know! :)
  • You game?

How to end email using the Tiramisu strategy?

Tiramisu cold email strategy is soooo good! Its origins are in writing genuine intro lines, but it can be used to create unique ending lines too.

To make it happen, simply add a column in your CSV file labeled "Ending". Then, add {{Ending}} in your cold email template to pull the information automatically.

But I'm going to add a twist. This is for my advanced outreach players. We're adding Liquid Syntax to the mix.


Personalize it based on the location so that if I'm inviting someone from France, I'll invite them for a coffee and croissant. If they're in Italy, it's coffee and Tiramisu. You get the basic idea...

Here's the setup.

how to end an email

These little things are what makes your cold email unique and what helps your audience feel genuinely appreciated.

Of course, my France-Italy setup can go to a whole other level of creativeness... it depends on you. I only gave you a quick example.

If you want to know more about the Liquid Syntax, watch this video.

Book more sales meetings with Calendly CTA

I wrote about this experiment earlier, but I do wanna bring it up one more time.

I was playing with the way people book meetings and calls. In my A/B test, version A invites people for a meeting at a specific point in time, while version B provided them with a Calendly link.

Which version do you think won?

Version 1:

Book more sales meetings in cold emails

Version 2:

how to end an email

Version A scored 12, whereas version B scheduled 19 meetings in a week.

It's more than 1.5x times higher! Conclusion?

It's easier to do it with Calendly.

Prospects don't have to figure out time zones on their own, there's no going back and forth with emails, etc.

Why Calendly? Its popularity, confirmed by sales experts in our The Sales Automation Family who voted it as #1 scheduling tool.

But, CAUTION HERE guys. Your email needs to be attention-grabbing, so that when the time comes for them to click on your calendar - they want to do it.

Video pitch in cold email

If you're not using personalized videos in your cold emails, you should. This is what helped us book 40+ sales meetings during a week. πŸ”₯

I'll present you with two examples.

The whole point of this strategy is to replace words with an image and shoot for the click rate. People click, they are redirected to your video and it's precisely this video that makes them book a meeting, reply to the email or do whatever is that you're inviting them to do.

Here's how Vuk leveraged this tactic to promote our lemwarm feature and spread the word about it.

how to end an email

Personalized video thumbnail with the play button and prospect's name on it is a warm invitation to click.

Your only job afterward is to make that video deliver amazing content.

Vuk leveraged lemtalk for this campaign so that once somebody finished watching the video, chat would open and he'd get a Slack notification if someone replies.

By having them watch the entire video, Vuk knew they were interested. And with the instant Slack notification, he could jump into the conversation immediately.

Another way to do it is by using dynamic landing pages. And when it comes to it, I LOVE this lemlist feature.

People click on the video and a page that looks like this opens.

how to end an email

As you can see, I have my video embedded there, plus the prospect's company logo, a little bit of personalized text and the Calendly in the bottom to facilitate frictionless meetings.

Works like a charm! :)

The best part? There's no coding. You can create your dynamic landing page in less than 2 minutes... I promise you that.

Bottom line

Now you know everything about how to finish a cold email and make the most out of your call-to-action:

To recap, let's go back to the rules one more time:

  1. Be straightforward and write a clear call-to-action
  2. Use Calendly (or similar) apps to book meetings and make their life easier
  3. Personalize your call-to-action to see the biggest impact

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