How Shapr got featured in INC, Entrepreneur, and WSJ using lemlist

Shapr uses lemlist to grab attention and get featured in Entrepreneur, INC and The Wall Street Journal.

How Shapr got featured in INC, Entrepreneur, and WSJ using lemlist

Shapr uses lemlist to grab attention and get featured in Entrepreneur, INC and The Wall Street Journal.

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About Shapr

Shapr is a networking app allowing you to meet with inspiring people from all over the world.

With almost 2 millions users Shapr has become a must-have tool for getting ahead in your career.

Pronounced β€œshaper,” it blends the swipe technology of Tinder with the professional focus of LinkedIn, making it quick and easy to meet others in the city open to grabbing a coffee and talking shop.

Their goal

With any kind of business app, you need to build awareness to grow your user base. Therefore, getting press coverage is, in most cases, the best way to quickly get exposed to potential users!

Before lemlist, the Shapr team was manually sending emails to journalists in order to build long-term partnerships. However, it required a lot of manual work and the process was not really scalable.

Their strategy

This project aimed to achieve two very important things. First, Shapr had the intention to set up sequences with just enough follow-ups so they can get more responses and fully automate their campaigns.

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More importantly, to grab attention from a website like Entrepreneur, they needed to customize their copy and communicate 1-on-1 with each lead.

What is key for us is to keep our email personalized and save time on follow-ups. With lemlist, we were able to do just that! We integrate a lot of custom variables in our email so they are as personalized as if we were sending emails manually.

Automating follow-ups was a huge time saver and the ability to track every single action from our target is key to improve the results of our campaigns.

Paul Munos - Partnership Manager, Shapr

If we break it down, the key to success is in good research. By the way, this is the most underrated component of cold email outreach.

The result of that research are names of people connected with the magazines, their interests, various links, magazine logos and other interesting things Shapr team felt like they could be leveraged.

Each column in my example .csv file is a personalized touchpoint that can be used in the cold email. For instance, a website screenshot or logo fro INC can be put as a custom image within the email.

You can use people's interests and their previous work to give a genuine compliment, unique for that person. You would just have to write that sentence for every lead in the .csv file and you're good to go.

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That's precisely what Shapr did and why they've knocked it out of the park. With so many personalized things they could use, it was easier for them to stand out in anyone's inbox.

Their results

Here's a quick overview of Shapr's accomplishments.

  • Signed new users
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Built relationships with journalists
Since we started using lemlist, Shapr got featured in INC, Entrepreneur, and The Wall Street Journal. Keeping our emails personalized and adding great attention grabber such as personalized images was definitely the #1 reason of such success!

Paul Munos - Partnership Manager, Shapr

Features used

Shapr is leveraging the following lemlist's features in their campaigns:

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