2 best follow up emails for scheduling interview

So, you haven't got an answer on your initial cold email. If your goal is to arrange meetings or book demos - then 2 best follow up email templates will certainly help you!

follow up emails for scheduling interviews

So, you've sent your initial email, but no one wanted to schedule a demo or interview with you?

Whether your end goal is to book new demo, schedule interview regarding your next article, or even to schedule a meeting for a new job, these 2 best follow up emails for scheduling interview will help you.

But before we see them, let's first talk about the follow ups in general.

What are the follow ups and why are they important?

Essentially, follow up are the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on emails that you send to your prospects after the initial email.

Not everyone will answer on your initial email - and that's completely okay. Someone don't like what you said, someone didn't had time to do that, or someone didn't even saw your initial email.

All circumstances are possible and highly probable.

Hence, in order to improve reply rates for cold email campaigns, we're creating follow ups.

As the proof of this, tells the recent survey from Yesware:

According to them, on average of course, if you send just one email, you will get around 30 replies. But if you send up to 10 follow-up emails, you can get a total of 141 emails.

Of course, this depends on your prospect list, initial sales email templates, and finally - on the follow up email templates you're sending.

But you get the point. Perhaps the number won't be the same for you - but the percentage will.

Based on your initial cold email and goal, there're various types of follow up email templates you can send.

But, in this particular case, we're going to see the 2 best follow up email templates for scheduling and interview.

Best Sales Follow-up Emails [Download, Edit & Use]
The most effective sales follow-up email templates to use for your cold outreach in one place.

As mention on the beginning, there're various reasons why you would like to schedule an interview with someone:

  • For example, you want to schedule a demo of your product (this is sales-based follow up email)
  • If you're the content writer or journalists, perhaps you would like to interview someone
  • If you're looking for the job, or if you're the recruiter on the other hand, follow ups can be a perfect way to arrange meetings with ideal candidates.

Enough theory - let's start with the practice and see the 2 best follow up email templates for scheduling interview!

Follow up email template for scheduling interview #1 - perfect for arranging more demos

When it comes to sales - cold email outreach is one of the main channels majority of companies are using to reach out to their target audience and acquire new leads and customers.

Hence - knowing how to craft a perfect follow up email template for scheduling interview with your target audience is a must.

Let's see one of the best follow up emails templates for that:

Subject line: Same as for initial email

Bonjour {{firstName}},

I'm giving you something you can't refuse - since you probably missed my last email (and I'm not judging you for that - no one likes cold emails).

So, to make this less awkward - here's the video of me showing you exactly how {{hisCompany}} can benefit from {{whatYouOffer}}.

Our team analyzed {{hisCompany}}'s strategies in-depth, and came up with actual solutions.
Are you free on Tuseday next week for a quick chat?


Why do I like this follow up email template for scheduling interview?

  • It's well personalized
  • It's about them - not about you. As you can notice, the main purpose of this email is to make an relationship with your prospect and to bring them value.
  • The first sentence of the email is quite catchy and engaging. It will prompt your prospects to open an email.

Now a couple of words about this follow up email template for scheduling interview:

  • You probably noticed the subject line. The subject line is not: "same as for initial email" - don't type that. The subject line is the same as you wrote it in the first email you sent. When creating follow up emails in lemlist, just leave the subject line empty and it will be the same as in the previous email.
  • Don't worry - you don't actually need to create videos for everyone :) Lemlist allows you to take one video, and make these "layers" personalized for everyone.

Follow up email template for scheduling interview #2 - You're the expert {{firstName}} Β 

This follow up email template for scheduling interview is perfect if you're the content writer or journalist.

Have a list of people that are highly-experienced in some industry and you want to interview them?

Perfect - then this follow up email template for scheduling interview is everything you need.

Subject line: Your talk was really valuable {{firstName}}

Hi {{FirstName}},

I saw your amazing speak on {{Instagram, YouTube, Conference}} - {{link}} about {{TOPIC}}. It was really great and valuable. Thanks for sharing that with all of us!

I was just wondering if you’re interested in the interview about {{TOPIC}} so we can provide some value to our audience?
Could you please just hit me back if you’re interested in it and have 10 minutes for a call next week?


To be more personalized, relevant and engaging - took a picture of yourself with some calendar, or laptop/phone showcasing your Google calendar, and use lemlist's personalized images feature to write this personalized text.

Once you do that, the image will become personalized for every prospect in your list.

The bottom line

As you can see - follow up email templates are important part of every cold outreach strategy - especially if your end goal is to schedule interview or demos with your prospects.

At the end of the day, if you're selling tools or digital services - you will need to use these follow up email templates. They will surely improve your reply rate and help you schedule more demos and interview each month.

But - no matter what follow up email template you choose - make sure to use personalized images inside them.


There're a couple of reasons for that

  1. Rarely who is still using them - so you have a great advantage
  2. They can showcase your creativity
  3. They're building a stronger bond and relationship between you and your prospect

Wondering how can you create your personalized images?

Take a 14-day free trial of lemlist and find out!

Start your free trial

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