Do you want to know the secret behind a follow up email template that grabs prospect's attention and boosts your response rate?

Three words: Read this article.

Introducing 8 UPDATED follow up email templates that are most frequently used in marketing and sales departments all over the world... and that bring RESULTS.

If you're interested in a more strategic angle, check out how to write a follow-up email after no response guide.

Here's a quick overview of what to expect.

Finding the perfect follow up email template

All of the follow up email templates you're about to see have been perfected over the years in my never-ending effort to stand out in this vastly competitive space.

They represent a fresh new take on world's most used follow-ups.

One more important thing to mention. Don't just copy/paste them and click send. That's rookie school.

Throw in a little bit of you in there. The two MOST IMPORTANT assets to add are:

  • Authenticity --> the way you and your brand communicate
  • The X factor --> what your audience needs and the way you present it

Let's crack on and see the best email follow-up templates!

Follow up email template after a phone call

Here's the scenario...

Goal: Follow up after a call with the potential client.

Situation: We want to sell. Software, services, something exciting we created. Usually, you already went through their questions during the meeting.

Whenever I'm on such a call, I try to finish by defining the next steps. If I spot hesitation, my tactic is to shoot a quick follow-up after the call.

In it, there are two things. First, repeat the next steps. Clear and short responsibilities of both sides. Then comes the clutch content. 👊

Clutch content is a Google Slides file, video, presentation... ANYTHING I believe can provide us the edge.

Subject line: As promised 😉

Follow up email template:

Hi {{firstName}},

Quick follow-up, as promised! It was great to connect and talk shop.

Should you decide to give us a green light, here are the next steps.


Oh, one more thing, sending a little something. You'll love it!
lemlist personalized images
Take care,

Sales notes: The thing you want to do is to make the image clickable, as it will drive both the attention and clicks from your prospects. Here's how you can do this.

Recommended watch: How to personalize a cold email image like Harvey Specter example above

Depending on the prospect, I may eliminate the image and link "sending you little something" sentence instead.

Make sure that the content you deliver is awesome. Super personalized stuff is usually saved for priority and growth clients. If you manage to scale that content as well, even better. :)

Result: In Q2 2019, when I was taking care of demos, this follow up email template helped convert 5 out of 11 demos.

Follow up email after a demo

This can be a scalable variation of the previous follow-up. In the past, I frequently used it after a demo.

Goal: Deliver additional value in a scalable and automated way.

Situation: This is where epic content comes into play. During my demos, I noticed 3 types of outreach practitioners. Beginners, those looking to switch from a competitor and more advanced players.

For each, I'd prepare follow-up templates with links. Those links would include the best content from lemlist blog, cold email templates, tip of the week videos, unlisted YouTube videos, dedicated copies of our unique features etc.

The objective was to send follow up email with stuff closely connected with their questions and needs, as well as what to do first when they sign up for our trial.

Subject line: 🔥 links coming your way {{firstName}}

Follow up email template:

Hi {{firstName}},

Per our discussion, I understand that {{Pain}}. As promised, sending you little something that will help eliminate this pain.

- {{Link 1}}
- {{Link 2}}

In terms of the next steps, I think you should test drive [YOUR PRODUCT+LINK] and taste its flavor. It's free, no credit card needed. 😉

Stay golden,

Sales notes: Instead of the {{Pain}} tag, write a sentence or two that demonstrates you understand what's bothering them.

Make sure the links are good, to the point and can turn things in your favor. Don't send everyone the same content though.

Also, don't overwhelm them with too many links. In my experience, it decreased the engagement and success rate. I think that between 1 and 3 is optimal.

Result: 80% of demo people went straight to free trial. My estimate is that around 35% out of that 80% came with a little push from these links. Engagement in GA helped confirm that.

Follow-up email after a conference

Conferences, networking events... this follow up email template can be easily tweaked.

Goal: There are many outcomes to pursue. Convert prospects. Tool integrations. Exchange backlinks. Negotiate content collaborations.

Situation: After a conference, a few emails come. Usually, they're sales follow-ups. Depending on interaction quality with people and your interest in their product/service, they may or may not work.

My joker card in these situations is to provide value with actionable content. Make my product/service an integral part of the solution.

In all honesty, I haven't tested this strategy on a larger scale. However, I did manage to convert an agency on this approach when I piloted it.

Subject line: Guess who... and I come bearing gifts!

Follow up email template:

Hey {{firstName}},

{{Event}} was a blast, wasn't it? My favorite moment... [DESCRIBE IT].

What was yours?

If you remember, we talked about {{Topic}}.

I want to live up to my word and share this tactic with you. Btw, you're one of the first people who's getting access to this beast. :)


Hope it brings 🔥 to your world. Let me know what you think.

Nothing but the best my friend,

Sales notes: Let's put this into context. You have a Social Media tool. Before the conference, create a piece of content (e.g. UNLISTED video series). For example, how to drive leads from a LinkedIn profile.

Create something that your prospects and customers will LOVE, but that still sells your product/service (e.g. like Ahrefs' YouTube videos or blog content).

Oh, you need to have data and numbers proving that it works. The best case is, you've done it yourself in the past.

Next, target prospects prior to the conference or by mingling around the first day. Start a conversation and navigate the talk towards the desired topic. Mention you have epic videos you haven't published yet. Ask them if they want to check them out.

Give them a sneak peek by talking about it. That's a hook. Send it later, build anticipation.


As said, I still have to test it on a larger scale, but for now, I'm at one conversion from one attempt. Not much, but I'll take it.

Follow-up email sample to a client

Writing to an existing client... a fine situation to be in.

Goal: Upsell your product or service.

Situation: Preferably, we picked a timing where our customer achieved an amazing result and it's time to take things to another level.

Subject line: Here's to you {{firstName}} 🎉

Email template:

Hi {{firstName}},

Congrats on hitting {{Target}} last week.

You're shining all over the place that we had to put our shades on.
lemlist personalized images
I guess now is the time to set new milestones. On that note, here's some next-level stuff for {{companyName}} to test.

CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS  (goes to lemlist dynamic landing page)

Keep up the good work,

Sales notes: A couple of notes from one of my mentors. Man, just had a blast from the past.

  • Don't send this email the day they hit the milestone. No need to be a sales 🦅
  • Make sure you're friendly and funny (they might share the email across the company)
  • Deliver a relevant proposition

Recommended watch: How to add company logos in your cold emails

To honor Tony Stark to my Peter Parker, I've made the 2.0 version of this campaign. It includes lemlist dynamic landing page that could look something like this.

lemlist dynamic landing page

Recommended watch: How to create a dynamic landing page similar to this one

We are selling, but the proposal needs to be packed in an actionable strategy so that our client can hit the next milestone while paying us more.

Nothing but wins on both sides of the coin.

Follow up email after interacting on Social Media

As always, the scenario goes first.

Goal: Follow up on a lead with who's content you've been engaging with on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

Situation: This strategy takes time and patience. Goes like this...

  • Target the right customers and add them on your Social Media
  • Start engaging with their content. "Great stuff" comments don't count 🤣
  • Build a relationship over time and go in soft
  • Afterward, send a sales cold email or a LinkedIn message

Subject line: Contribution to your world {{firstName}} 🙏

Follow up email sample:

Hey {{firstName}},

How's it going, my friend? Hope you're prospering.

Listen, you know by now I'm a huge fan of your work. You've been pushing some hard cold facts and truths on LinkedIn ... and I, so much so, respect you for it.

It hit me the other day... why not reach out and see if you'd be up to take things to the next level.


I can deliver this to you. Made a quick video to show you how and save your time.
Follow up after interacting on Social Media
Let me know your thoughts {{firstName}}. Would love to see us join forces.

Stay golden,

Sales notes: Replace the {{Problem}} tag with the opportunity you believe they should seize. Keep it crisp, friendly and to the point.

Make sure you link the image to the relevant video.

If you've managed to build a meaningful relationship, you will always get a reply. It might not be positive, but it's still a reply.

Finally, keep in mind that sometimes, you won't have to send an email. People will come on their own. It's difficult to explain and measure how powerful Guillaume's LinkedIn has been for us. All thanks to a variation of this strategy.

The sneak peek follow up email template

As mentioned in the intro, I already wrote about this strategy in "How to write a follow-up after no response" article.

I had to mention it again, as it kicks ass. 💯

Goal: Drop a hook and make your prospects ask for more.

Situation: Imagine you're selling an online course. Doesn't matter which. You've sent your first email already. Didn't get a response.

Subject line: Taking {{Topic}} to the moon...

Email template:

Hi {{firstName}},

Last time I was hijacking your inbox, I mentioned the {{Topic}} strategy that will ⬆ your results sky-high.

Today I'm going to reveal the magic!

Here's {{Offer}}.
lemlist personalized images
I would LOVE to hear your thoughts {{firstName}}. No strings attached.

Wouldn't be spamming you unless I wasn't confident it will bring value to your world.

Stay golden,

Sales notes: Switch the {{Offer}} tag with your value proposition. For instance, give them access to a module or two. Don't let it be something meaningless.

Give them some actionable value, but make it in a way they REALLY want to see the rest. It's hard to fine-tune it sometimes, but you can always A/B test it. 😉

Popcorn reminder follow up email template

Here's the scenario...

Goal: Increase the reply rate.

Situation: People sometimes forget to reply to your initial emails. Reminder follow-ups serve the purpose of reminding them to do so.

Subject line: Same as in the first email. In lemlist, you just leave this subject blank and all the emails live in the same thread. 😉

Email template:

Hi {{firstName}},

Don't wanna be an annoying pest.

So I'm sending one quick follow-up and leaving you alone. That's a promise. 😉
Take care,

Sales notes: Don't send the same follow-up template over and over again. Come up with new jokes and create these fast. Like popcorn... these are 🍿emails.

Results: After combining impact from a few campaigns, believe it or not, between 15-20% of replies came from these follow-up emails.

Follow-up after a follow-up

Another one I already talked about, but it needs to be on this list. I just updated the copy a little, to bring some fresh stuff in the picture.

Goal: Find the right person to contact.

Situation: You're getting no replies, but the person isn't unsubscribing or opening emails either. Maybe they've opened it, but there's no interest.

You might be reaching out to the wrong person. If that's the case, you need to find who to contact instead.

Subject line: Same as in the first email. In lemlist, you just leave this subject blank and all the emails live in the same thread. 😉

Email template:

Hey {{firstName}},

Apologies for bombarding your inbox like this {{firstName}}. It seems like you're not the right person to talk to about {{TOPIC}}.

Is there any chance you can tell me who's in charge of {{TOPIC}}?

Oh, whatever happens, I won't be sending you any more emails... don't worry.

Thanks a lot!

Sales notes: Pretty straightforward stuff.

Bottom line

Let's quickly run through some of the key takeaways...

  • Follow-up emails are extremely important because they ensure you get MORE replies. #facts
  • Don't allow for the quality to go down as you add more emails to the sequence. Personalize all the steps.
  • Any follow up email template you find online (including on this blog) should be adjusted a bit to be authentic to your brand and voice.
  • Invest time in adding personalized images and dynamic landing pages to your outreach campaign.
  • Never let the context out of sight. Who are your prospects, what's their pain and why the hell should they listen to you... Three Ws that need precise and personalized answers.

P.S. If you're curious about testing personalized images, dynamic landing pages, different follow up email templates and lemlist automation, take a test drive. It's free, no credit card required. :)

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