We are glad to announce that Bouncer, an email verification company, has fully integrated their tool with lemlist. This integration will allow you to remove all undeliverable emails from your list, and therefore keep your campaign running.

Bouncer is an email verification SaaS that enables its clients to maintain undisturbed communication with their customers. Bouncer protects senders’ reputation, decreases the bounce rate and improves deliverability.

Why do you need to verify your list first?

As you are using your own domain for your cold campaigns, you need to take care of your email deliverability. In order to get those emails delivered, you have to pay attention to the quality of the email addresses that you send your content to.

If you keep on sending to invalid emails, you will keep on getting hard bounces in return. Every time you receive a hard bounce, your sender reputation takes a hit.

Sender reputation is basically a method that mailbox providers use to measure the trustworthiness of a sender's email. If your reputation is low, your emails are being placed in SPAM folder instead of inboxes, as you are not trustworthy and for Internet Service Providers you look like a spammer.

This is the number one reason why email verification is super important for the success of your email outreach.

How it works

In order to check if the email is deliverable or not, Bouncer establishes a connection with a recipient’s mailbox server and analyzes the response of the server to provide a result without sending an email.

The possible outcomes of the verification are:

  • Deliverable - these emails are safe to send
  • Undeliverable - these emails don’t exist, you should never send emails to any with this status
  • Risky - behind this status you will find emails which are disposable, set up as Catch_all, or with a full mailbox. They may result in a bounce or low engagement
  • Unknown - Bouncer was unable to receive a response from the email provider, however, you will not be charged for such verification

The integration allows you to clean your campaign leads in 3 easy steps, once you connect your lemlist account with Bouncer, via API key (to find more instructions please view this link):

  1. In your lemlist account, add your buddies-to-be in your campaign.
  2. Go to Bouncer’s app, and import your list via Verify the list tab. Proceed with the verification.
  3. Once Bouncer’s work is done, export your list back to your campaign. This will remove all the emails with the undeliverable status.

All done!

You can now enjoy watching your buddies-to-be converting while being sure that your sender reputation is not endangered.

Additionally, you might want to download the full results of your verification. This can be useful if you wish to find which emails were marked as risky, and you could take them off your list manually.

One more thing

Wondering if you should clean your list from the risky and unknown emails too?

The best approach is to evaluate what’s more important to you, your domain reputation or not losing a potential lead that might be hidden within those emails.

At the same time, you should look at the overall quality of your list. If you had a high number of undeliverable emails within it, there is a higher risk that your risky and unknown emails are also undeliverable.

Why should I use Bouncer for my verification?

They are fully GDPR compliant, and the safety of your data is super important for them!

  • Bouncers’ simple integration makes your cold mailing process effortless.
  • Awesome support team, available via chat, email or video call.
  • The great accuracy of your results (99,5%+) and the reliability of the system.
  • You will receive a 20% discount for every purchase made. Just simply type the code: Bouncer4lemlist in the Partner Code field, during your purchase process.