Mark Lundgren is an experienced and talented tech sourcer who has been helping the sourcing community for years.

After working for Amazon and Microsoft, Mark started working for ThoughtWorks while running his educational podcast called "Sourcing Challenge". In short, this podcast aims at helping sourcers so they can share and exchange best practices worldwide.

The challenge

Hiring top talents is becoming more and more difficult as people recieve hundreads of messages everyday on various communication channels (Email, LinkedIn, Messenger etc...).

Before using lemlist, Mark was manually sending emails to top talents in order to invite them for an interview.

The old way would be to find a lot of people and then, send emails manually... 3 days later we would go back and check who replied to those emails and send some follow-ups manually...
Mark Lundgren - Global Sourcer @ ThoughtWorks

The response rates were low and it required a lot of manual work. This was obviously not a scalable process and he needed a new solution.

How does Mark use lemlist today

We’ve been running campaigns in South America, Australia, North America, Europe… Well, pretty much all over the world!
Our goal is to always A/B test the subject lines, the content and iterate until we find the right formula. lemlist has make all this testing easier.
Mark Lundgren - Global Sourcer @ ThoughtWorks

What does Mark like the most about lemlist

With lemlist, my emails simply stand out amongst all that noise of emails we receive every day.
Building relationships with top talents is much easier thanks to highly personalised and human emails thanks to videos and images.
Mark Lundgren - Global Sourcer @ ThoughtWorks

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