How to start an email: 20+ email greeting examples

Check out 21 email greeting examples to help you start the email on the right note and book more meetings.

How to start an email: 20+ email greeting examples

If you start your emails with generic, non-personalized phrases, there is a high chance you won't hook prospects to read the rest of your email.

An email greeting is a word or phrase at the beginning of your cold email that can help you leave a good impression. That's why you should always pick an appropriate one, as you don't want to sound too official or informal..

But, many salespeople use inappropriate greetings that make prospects close emails before reading them.

So, how can you start your cold email without pushing your prospects away?

Discover 21 email greeting examples in this article to ensure prospects book a meeting with you!

21 best email greeting examples for cold emails

7 cold email greeting examples the first cold email

β†’ use these email greeting examples when you're reaching out for the first time to your prospects and aren't sure about the appropriate tone Β 

  1. Hi {{firstName}}
  2. Hey {{firstName}}
  3. Hello {{firstName}}
  4. I hope you're having a great week, {{firstName}}
  5. {{firstName}}, I'm reaching out to…
  6. Good morning/afternoon/evening {{firstName}}
  7. {{name}} suggested that I reach out to you (…)

7 email greeting examples for follow-up emails

β†’ use these email greeting examples to keep the conversation going and encourage your prospects to reply

  1. As promised {{firstName}}, here's...
  2. I'm writing to you {{firstName}} to check in on...
  3. Following up on our meeting, {{firstName}}...
  4. {{firstName}}, can you please update me on ...
  5. Here's more information {{firstName}} on ...
  6. {{firstName}}, it was great to have you at...
  7. Following up on my last email {{firstName}}...

7 email greeting examples for cold email replies

β†’ use these email greeting examples to express gratitude for your prospects' time and build rapport more easily

  1. Thanks for the quick response {{firstName}}...
  2. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it, {{firstName}}...
  3. Thanks for getting back to me {{firstName}}...
  4. Thanks for the update {{firstName}}...
  5. Great to hear from you {{firstName}}...
  6. Thanks for getting in touch {{firstName}}...
  7. Thanks for keeping me in the loop, {{firstName}}...

7 email greeting examples to avoid

β†’ here are some popular email greeting examples you shouldn't use if you want to get replies to your cold emails, as they can come off as too formal, not personalized, or pushy

❌ To Whom It May Concern
❌ Dear Sir or Madam
❌ Ladies and Gentleman
❌ Hi *misspelled name*
❌ I know you're busy...
❌ Allow me to introduce myself...
❌ Can I ask you for a favor?

The ultimate greeting checklist

Your cold email structure should push prospects to open your email, read it, and reply. But, to book meetings with your target audience, your greetings should be catchy and in the right tone.

Here are 3 tips for writing successful email greetings:

#1 Align your email greeting to your prospects' tone of voice

#2 Personalize your greeting with the prospects' name

#3 Match your greeting with your email's context

P.S. If you want more suggestions on writing cold emails that get replies, join 14k+ salespeople, marketers, and entrepreneurs & boost your business growth!

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