There would be no great reply and conversion rates without decent email deliverability.

Precisely why we're introducing the finest email deliverability checklist ever created. It contains every trick in the playbook to maximize deliverability, understand how to do an audit of your email sending reputation and make sure your cold emails land on top of anyone's inbox... consistently!

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Email reputation audit

[ ] Check if you've been blacklisted (click here).

email deliverability checklist

[ ] Assess the quality of your IP (click here).

[ ] Analyze your current stats to get a better insight.

email deliverability checklist

If your open rate is lower than 50% and reply rate is lower than 5%, you have one of the following issues:

[ ] Check if you've done the technical setup correctly. Here's a quick explanation

[ ] Make sure you're targeting the right audience! Here's why it's essential to build your buyer persona for proper B2B lead generation.

email deliverability checklist

[ ] Are you personalizing your cold emails? Get some inspiration from these cold email templates.

email deliverability checklist

Technical configuration

Technical configuration behind your email deliverability is like the engine of your car. You won't make it from A to B without it.

[ ] Set up your SPF:

[ ] Set up your DKIM:

[ ] How to set up your DMARC.

[ ] Set up your custom tracking domain. Here's a quick tutorial.

[ ] Set up your exact profile (no fake names or photos).

email deliverability checklist

Email domain warm-up

To avoid spam filters on a regular basis, you need to keep your email domain a good shape. This is where email warm-up comes into play.

[ ] Manually warm up your emails (option 1):

  • Week 1: 10 to 20 emails per day
  • Week 2: 20 to 40 emails per day
  • Week 3: 40 to 80 emails per day
  • Week 4: 80 to 100 emails per day

[ ] Automatically warm up your email address (more desired option 2 😎):

  • Turn lemwarm on in your lemlist account

  • Set up your filters in Google to keep your inbox clean
email deliverability checklist

Email list quality and hygiene

Having invalid email addresses in your list comes at a high cost for your reputation and deliverability. Luckily, it's easy to ensure this doesn't happen to you.

[ ] Keep your bounce rate under 5%.

email deliverability checklist

[ ] Don't buy email lists where addresses are not verified.

[ ] Always send campaigns to business addresses of individuals.

email deliverability checklist

The best source of B2B leads is LinkedIn as people tend to regularly update their job position and company.

[ ] Use a system that allows you to consistently get verified email addresses from fresh data source.

Check out --> Target LinkedIn prospects, extract emails and send outbound campaigns automatically

[ ] If you have an existing list and are not sure about the data quality, use one of the following services:

Send high-quality cold emails

Email providers are carefully assessing whether or not your prospects are engaging with the emails you send them. The only way to facilitate engagement and get replies, is to focus these emails on your prospects and their needs. In other words, make them unique and well-structured.

[ ] Don't use complex HTML!

email deliverability checklist

[ ] Don't use fancy signatures - there's no need.

email deliverability checklist

[ ] Don't put any attachments in your emails. If you need to send a file, just use links (e.g. Google Drive). πŸ˜‰

[ ] Don't use spam trigger words and phishing phrases (WIN, free, viagra πŸ˜‚ etc...).

email deliverability checklist


email deliverability checklist

[ ] Always personalize cold emails.

email deliverability checklist

[ ] Use liquid syntax for ultra-personalization (e.g. when you want to automatically change intro lines for different audience verticals - video tutorial).

email deliverability checklist

[ ] Use spin syntax if your lists are bigger than 300 people (e.g. where you have 4 different intro lines and they will spin in random order - video tutorial).

email deliverability checklist

[ ] Always A/B test in order to know what works best for you.

email deliverability checklist

Maintain a good reputation

Avoiding spam filters comes down to ensuring your email reputation stays intact by following the guidelines email providers have provided you with.

[ ] Volume: Do not go over the limit of your email provider. Ideally, keep the number of emails sent between 50 and 200 per sender per day. If you need to deliver more emails, it's best to use multiple senders.

email deliverability checklist

[ ] Consistency: If you didn't send any emails, but then all of a sudden you start blasting 500 emails every day, you're gonna run into trouble. Try to establish a process with consistent daily volumes. When you need to increase it, go step by step.

email deliverability checklist

[ ] Keeping a good ratio: From email sent to email received.

[ ] lemwarm = deliverability booster. Make sure to set up the email warm-up feature within lemlist. It will help you keep a higher ratio from email sent to email received.

[ ] Sending speed: Never send all emails at the same time - use a system allowing you to spread them throughout the day.

email deliverability checklist

[ ] Monitor the following key metrics:

  • Open rate needs to be higher than 50%
  • Reply rate should be higher than 8%
  • Bounce rate needs to be lower than 5%
  • Unsubscribe rate needs to be lower than 5%

[ ] Always put an opt-out link!

email deliverability checklist

Bottom line

Never make compromises with email deliverability.

You can have the best cold email template or the most awesome list in the world. You can write a fantastic subject line and have the clearest call-to-action. Heck, you can have the greatest product ever.

But if people don't see your email, it will all be in vain.

P.S. Make sure you spread the word. ❀️