A few weeks ago, we decided to went on a team retreat for ten days in Israel. One of the goals of our team retreat was to take a step back on what we've accomplished with lemlist and also digest all the feedback we've received in the last months so we can come up with fresh new ideas!

Best way to get the freshest ideas ever 😍

As you may know, we grew lemlist from 0 to 5000+ customers in the last 8 months and being able to chat with a large amount of lemlisters (lemlist users) was a real blessing for us because we were able to gather a lot of feedback!

Our Facebook  community with 1000+ lemlisters was also a great place to exchange and understand what are the most common frustrations when it comes to email outreach...

During our team retreat we also decided to go through all our main competitors to see what we liked or dislike and ultimately figure out what we could improve...

What we've realized is that, all those sales automation platform or email outreach platforms were pretty much all boring... And when I say boring I really mean

Let's face it, if you look at the Sales Automation industry, we find that most companies never mention the role of people. All those taglines try to make people believe that they will be able to do everything automatically... A bit like magic! "put your sales process on autopilot" - "get leads automatically" etc... But when it comes to growing your company, the truth is very different... It all comes down to how well can you build relationships... And relationships can't be build entirely with automation! But with all those fake sales taglines, I feel that most people are starting to believe it... And once they see that it's not working, they get desperate and don't understand why it's not working...

That's why at lemlist we've decided to tackle those 2 issues...

How to change the boring industry codes?

Well, if you look at most SaaS interface, they tend to be really boring because they focus only on features... Which means that there is no real relationship between the paltform and the end user... We, at lemlist,  have decided to focus on human. Anyone using lemlist can talk to us directly on the chat and we wanted our platform to translate that same friendly vibe for every single lemlister. Instead of having "action oriented" messages we decided to make every single message much more human.

Moreover, when it comes to using a new platform or software, most people think that it's a real pain to start learning how to use something new. The truth is that most people think learning something new is a pain because it's boring! Learning while having fun is definitely much easier and that's why gamification can help people learn how to use properly a platform while having fun! Knowing that Vianney (our super CTO) has worked for about 5 years in the video game industry, we have a lot of very cool ideas on how lemlist will implement it in the coming months so stay tuned 😎

How to make an automated platform more human?

At lemlist, we know that in order to build relationships you need to spend time on personalization and on qualifying the persons you're reaching out to. However, most people who are doing email outreach are seen as spammers because they don't do those simple things...

What we also believe is that most sales automation platform are actually dehumanizing the person we're reaching out to by using words such as "lead", "prospect", "contact" etc... Each person is considered as a money bag that is getting bigger while getting closer to the final stage of the Sales funnel... Because this vision of sales is not the one we have, we've decided to entirely change it. The  details of the persons that are imported on lemlist prior to the outreach are considered as "buddies to be". Because we believe that it's easier to do business with people you like, value and trust, we wanted our platform to always remember it to all lemlisters. We also believe that having this word "Buddy" makes the person you're reaching out to more alive and less seen as "a money bag".

Another change we've made to the lemlist platform is to remove the traditional stats icons for when an email has been sent, opened, clicked, replied, unsubscribed or bounced. We wanted to reflect even more the human side of the email so we've replaced every single stat by a smiley face. Each face has a meaning based on the action.

Adding feeling and emotions to email metrics

Our goal is to associate one feeling per action because in the end, that's exactly how it is in real life. If someone unsubscribes from your emails it's probably because they are not interested or pissed and this is something that should be associated with a negative feeling. However, when someone is interested and replies positively, then it's definitely a good news and it should be celebrated!

Overall, we to make an easy to use and fun platform where people can build business relationships with their buddies to be.

The new version will be released on Monday 11/16/2018 so stay tuned lemlisters 😎 ❤️