In 2020, something huge happened in the Sales Automation world.

We launched a brand new interface with a breathtaking UX, 35 powerful new features and a dope multichannel version 🔥

We've revolutionised the email outreach, allowing people to take full control of their campaigns and connect with their target on a superior level!

It was an amazing journey for us and our users ! But let’s dive deeper and see how it all started.

Make sure you read the whole story, a surprise is waiting for you at the end of the article ❤️

The new version of the app shaped by our users

Since the very first day, we've made sure to create a strong relationship with our users to make them feel comfortable to share their experience and honest feedback with us.

To make it possible we made it huge and created the world's biggest Facebook community around our brand and Sales Automation: the lemlist family.

All lemlisters are individuals striving to get the best results with their email outreach days after days 🚀 So imagine how many valuable insights are gathered there!

This growing community counts more than 11,000 lemlisters with whom we've spent hundreds of hours learning about what they like in the product and understanding the main pain points.

And well... the name of the community speaks for itself.

This is not only a safe space for people to share their opinion but also a great source of inspiration where users learn through others' successes and failures with their campaigns.

0 bullshit, only talented people willing to share their experience instead of hiding it for fear that someone would steal their ideas.

It also turned to be a great source of inspiration for our team!

This example is my favourite ❤️

That comment on the community was the trigger for the lemwarm project which is now one of our key features and makes us unique on the market.

Thank you Vaibhav 😄

On top of that, our discussions with lemlisters and the results of their campaigns reinforced what we've always believed in as a key success factor: relationship.

Relationship with their audience to connect on a genuine level and generate interest.

And relationship with the lemlist team: our users enjoy our fun and casual approach with emojis, unique wording and funny notifications, because that motivates them go the extra mile!

Look at the emojis we implemented in the Reports section, they have now become a reference for our users.

When people want to take a quick look at their stats they only check the smileys and instantly know the level of engagement of their target and their performance on the campaign, which turns to be a great time-saver.

These little things make sense to our users which is why we sustained our momentum with the new version of the app 🚀

Now that we've shared some love, let the game begin and see what's waiting for you in this exciting new version!

A much more powerful interface to crush your campaigns

A brand new design and a smoother UX

I personally am a huge fan of the new design! Refreshingly colourful and user-friendly, you can navigate from a step to another in a second.

Everything is intuitive so you can focus on what really matters: your outreach strategy!

It has never been this easy to manage your campaigns and leverage your sequences. The Editor section takes you step by step from your list of contacts to your campaign's kick-off so you don't miss any important move.

We also chose a colour for each section and created a section for each purpose (Editor 🔵, Reports 🔴, Tasks 🟠, lemwarm ❄️). But bear with me I'll get back to this in a few seconds 😊

And if you prefer a more sober interface, we've got you covered as well!

We launched an awesome dark mode for you. It's classy and every time I use it I feel like an undercover agent haha.

Plus, you give your eyes a nice break.

We’re kinda proud of it 😎

Your onboarding in a flash  

As we've got bigger and bigger we've faced exciting new challenges.

One of them is, helping large teams to save time when onboarding new members in the platform.

As usual, the team brainstormed. We thought that the easiest way to help users handle the product fast when they arrive is to go back to something that people are more familiar with in terms of wording: Leads, Unsubscribes, Tasks...

So wherever you are in the app, you can easily navigate. No struggle, no waste of time ⚡️

Same for our metric system that we switched back to the well-known SOCRI system (Sent, Opened, Clicked, Replied, Interested). Very straightforward, it gives you a quick overview of your results and what is to keep or drop for your future campaigns!

This, combined with our unique calculation system, allow you to fully interpret your stats and have a clear vision of what is really performing.

Let's take an example.

Typically open rate is measured like this: Opened / Sent

Our approach is a bit different: Opened / (Sent - Bounced)

Excluding deliverability issues (=bounced) allows you to focus on the copywriting only! So, you can improve your subject line knowing how it truly performed.

Same for the reply rate...

Market: Replied / Sent

lemlist: Replied / Opened

Here again we prefer to focus on what really matters for our lemlisters: the performance of their sequence.

What does your metric say about your copywriting when it includes unopened emails?

With lemlist, no need to do extra calculation to get how many people, who read your sequence, emailed you back.

A fully dedicated space for each step of your campaign

As promised, let's get back to the split we made between the Editor and Reports sections!

Here again, our work in customer research was really insightful as we found at that in lots of companies, the person who deals with the campaign creation isn't systematically the same who handles the tasks part or even the one who checks the Report section.  

On top of that, since we’re constantly adding new features, this is crucial to create distinct spaces and keep each section clear and manageable. We don't want anyone to mess with sequences when checking its bounce rate 😅

This is why, you can enjoy a fully dedicated space for each step of your campaign:

An editor page, where you create your highly personalized campaigns with dynamic landing page, custom image, and all the features we give you access to, to stand out in your prospect's inbox!

Here is how to amaze your audience with a powerful dynamic landing page!

A reports page, which tells you how well you performed and what to keep in mind for your future campaigns.

Get any stat you want - positive and negative - such as the breakdown of your sequence which reveals the most efficient step of your campaign and the most performing version of your A/B test 🔥

A task page, where lemlist reminds you of all the tasks you need to complete for each of your leads so you never miss an opportunity to reach your target and close a deal.

Complete, postpone, assign any task you need just like with a To Do list.  

A lemwarm page, or how to boost your email deliverability in a 30sec set-up!

Enjoy the magic of our unique warm-up feature to never fall into spam.

For those who don't know lemwarm, you need to know what you're missing 😄 lemlist uses your account to:

  • send unique content to other lemlisters
  • mark your emails as "Important"
  • send them back to the primary box if needed
  • automatically generate replies to them

This virtuous process creates conversations among our community which sends positive signals to email providers and helps you boost your deliverability.

The best part is, this awesome feature is on autopilot so you don't have to lift a finger to see your results escalating 🙌

lemwarm settings
lemwarm reports

We made it even simpler for you with this super quick video 🙂

A settings page, to custom the app to your needs!

Choose the theme that suits you (🌝 Light or 🌚 Dark), enable the beta features you want to try before everybody else and perform limitless integrations to take your outreach game to the next level!

Shortcuts to save hours of your time

At lemlist we all use the app to launch our own personalised campaigns and at some point it became obvious that we could save time when switching from a page to another.

Boom! The minute after our dev team implemented keyboard shortcuts all over the app!

Simple but efficient! We now swing from Reports to Settings in a flash ⚡️ and the lazy asses that we are, are super thrilled about that.

Choose your fav ones and save hours a week!

New features to release the full power of the app

lemlisters never stop evolving in the app and we love encouraging them to surpass themselves!

This is why our dev team is working its 🍑 off to release new crazy features every week that'll give them more and more power.

Thanks to these constant new tips and features, our users experiment new things all the time - new approaches, new contents, new formats - to stand out from the crowd. And guess what? It works great!

Actually, let me make a little aside here to congrats our lemlisters of the week.

These are heroes who take risks with their campaigns and get rewarded for their creativity and their insane results.

We're talking about +80% open rates and hundreds of meetings booked. So, well done lemlisters, that's the way to do it 👏

They are such a great source of inspiration for the rest of the community which is why we widely promote their work: Facebook, Newsletter, blog articles and so on.

No other platform has ever done that with their users, which makes it ever more exciting for everyone!

Client was happy with 150+ warm leads we generated, and I'm happy to combine our creativity with lemlist to get the job done.

Nenad Pavlov, Co-Founder of SimplyGrow

I now close the parenthesis.

Let's get back to the magic we're putting into lemlisters hands!

As an example, we've recently launched a smart Calendar that gives you the ability to see into the future 👀

At any moment, check:

  • who's gonna receive what step and at what time exactly
  • what prospect is the next that will be contacted with a step of your sequence

Or, if you need to keep an eye on a specific lead, get a full overview of the completed and future steps for this person in the Leads section!

Astutely use these details to keep the full control of your outreach.

And, now let's see what we've prepared on the fun side 😁

What if outreach was a game

lemlisters spend 100s of hours in the app and it should be fun!

The game we launched in the app is exciting and simple: you set yourself challenges from a list we made, you achieve them to get Experience Points (XP), you escalate levels and win badges for your accomplishments 🥇

The cool thing is, the actions behind each badge is relevant for the success of your campaign, so you basically become a genius of the outreach while having fun.

You can also check your team's achievements and launch a bit of a competition to brag about yourself to your teammates.

Technically they also can brag to you… So be careful here 😅

If you're more into videos

Because we thought you'd appreciate a little help to handle this multitude of powerful features, we recorded a serie of tutorial videos for you.

More craziness in the coming months

My word is my bond.

I promised a surprise and here it is 🤩

Get ready for the most powerful multichannel platform which combines the magic of hyper-personnalized emails, LinkedIn and calls within the same dope campaign!

It already showed amazing results for more than 500 companies, which is why we've decided to give this opportunity to more users in 2021 🔥

Connect better with your target with thorough sequences: start with a LinkedIn invite and swing back to a genuine email to end up with a phone call.

Scenarios are limitless and so are opportunities!

This multichannel version remains exclusive - invite only - so if you'd like to be part of the adventure you need to fill in the form and the team will let you know if you are selected ❤️


2021 just started and it's already got crazy 🤯

Expect many more actions to perform on your campaigns, breathtaking UX to spare your time, more integrations to stretch the limits and... I'll let a little bit of suspense here.

Last but not least, make sure to stay tuned - Fb community, Youtube channel - to find out what we've prepared to help you boost your growth like never before!