You know it... I know it... Getting people you don't know to reply to your emails is getting more and more difficult as this channel can be pretty crowded.

However, what I've realized is that, by being highly personalized and by using personalized videos and images, you're able to get amazing results such as the one below 😎

In this article, I will share with you the exact process I used to get those results.

Collecting The Right Data

For this step, you have several options but the one I've done was basically get a list of highly targeted companies and then get my VA to find the right profile on LinkedIn.

Once I had the list of profiles in a spreadsheet, I simply used the Phantombuster API called "LinkedIn Profile Scraper" and Dropcontact to gather multiple information such as:

  • First Name
  • Company Name
  • Profile Picture
  • Screenshot of their LinkedIn profile
  • Skills
  • Email Address (thanks to Dropcontact)

All thanks to the following set up:

So you're probably wondering, why do you need so many information? Don't worry, I'll explain in a bit! 😎

But first, for those of you who don't know PhantomBuster, it's an amazing tool that allows you to automate tasks on LinkedIn.

Here, I'm using it to automate the visit of LinkedIn profiles for two reasons:

1- Get awareness by visiting people's profile

2- Get important data while extracting automatically all the necessary information

Thanks to Phantombuster's integration with email finders tools, I decided to use Dropcontact to find verified emails of each LinkedIn profile I visited.

The reason why I choose Dropcontact over Hunter is simply because Dropcontact only gives verified email addresses. Which means that my bounce rate will be close to zero.

Overall, Dropcontact gave me a 45% finding rate.

Setting up the email campaign:

People say that we need to eat our own dog food and that's exactly what we do at lemlist 😊

We poured our heart and soul create an entirely personalized experience!

I know that a lot of people keep their secret weapons hidden but in my case, I'm more the sharer type so I'll go through the exact email sequence I used.

Step 1: Video Email Prospecting

Video can be a real game changer when it comes to reaching out via email.

First of all, it's an amazing way to grab the attention of the person you're reaching out to. With everyone sending text emails, an image or a video allows you to capture the attention of the person you're reaching out to and that's a first step to building a relationship.

The only problem is that videos are not really scalable. Usually, if you wanted to create personalized videos, you had to shoot them individually for each person. Automated personalized videos didn't exist. Until now at least.  

Precisely the reason why we've built lemlist. 😇 So what does the template look like?

I'm about to show you the art of creating personalized videos at scale and then using them to get more replies to your emails.

As you can see below, we were able to automatically pull out the screenshot of the website of each person we've reached out to in order to make a personalized clickable frame.

After clicking on the link they would arrive on a customized landing page (also built automatically with lemlist).

This was all done by combining the data we collected in step 1 and using lemlist technology to make our email stand out. The goal of the pitch was really to build a relationship and since I'm a giver, you can have a look at it below 😇

At the very end of the video, I mentioned that I'll start talking to them in the chat.

Since we're obsessed with mixing automation and personalization together to create the best possible customer experience, we decided to use our chat called Talkus too. It worked in a way so as soon as the video had ended, the chat would pop-up with another personalized touchpoint.

Just want to take a second here and tell you that of you're interested in testing this exact approach, feel free to request your own personalized video.

This personalization strategy was a huge success for us! Keep in mind one very important thing though. In order to make the most of any email campaign, I had to follow-up with all those leads. 😍

Luckily, that's exactly what you can do automatically with lemlist 😇

Step 2: WANTED Email Template

The idea of this email was to use a bit more of the data we got from Phantombuster when visiting each LinkedIn profile and scraping (extracting) valuable information automatically.

Indeed, we got the skills of each person and also their profile picture.

The goal was to make the email highly personalized by including dynamic images in it.

In order to raise the interest and increase the open rate, we also asked the following question: "Is that you on that poster?" as the subject line.

Again, the ambition was to be human and highly oriented towards the person I was reaching out to. As you can see, I never mentioned lemlist or what we do anywhere.

Step 3: Starbucks Email Template

For those of you who have been following us at lemlist, you probably know this template and why it works. In essence, we're talking about dynamic custom variables here. In this specific example, it's the first name of the person you're reaching out to and we've put it on a Starbucks coffee cup.

A lot of people drink coffee every day, so coffee is probably the easiest way to bond with someone quickly. Why not use the same approach in your cold emails?

Well... That's exactly what we did!

Again, in this template, we tried to be different and a bit funny (or at least that was the goal 😅)

Overall, if you look more carefully at our campaign, you'll notice that we always followed 3 things:

  • Be personalized
  • Be Human
  • Not being sales-y, rather 100% focused on building a relationship first

It goes without saying that in order for you to get such results, it also requires really good targeting.

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