Organizing and promoting a webinar is quite a challenge in 2019. It requires diligent attention to details, a personalized approach from top to bottom and creative sales automation.

That's precisely what Appknox was destined to accomplish.

Here's their #OutreachStory...

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Quick summary

Appknox used lemlist to generate 600+ marketing qualified leads. For 65 days, they've been sending personalized cold emails and automated follow-ups, all based on multiple decision points.

Their efforts brought in 547 webinar registrations in less than a week. Here are the outreach results

lemlist outreach stories

About Appknox

Appknox is a Mobile Application Security tool that helps SMEs and Enterprises automate security assessments for mobile apps in less than five minutes.

It also further helps enterprises fix issues and various vulnerabilities by maintaining global security and data protection standards.

Their goal

Increase brand awareness for Appknox within security companies by organizing a webinar for Heads of Technology Departments, Security Researchers and Chief Information Security Officers.

All these targets are decision makers for implementing security practices in their companies. Appknox' objective was to contact these people who work for targeted SMEs and Enterprises, and convert them.

It's next to impossible to sell security tools unless you can prove the strength behind your product. We wanted to use webinar as one of the possible lead magnets where we could show all our strengths live using open source tools.

- G.V.S Chaitanya, Head of Growth

While launching the cold email campaign, there were a few things we had to consider:

  • Have a strong messaging statement on value we’re going to deliver for attendants
  • Reach out to our existing leads
  • Position pre-webinar lead magnets on our website, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.
  • Do an in-depth research and reach out to the right audience
  • Clean and verify all email lists to avoid bounce rate issues

Their Strategy

Taking into consideration their target audience, the strategy that was put in place evolved around building a hyper-nurtured list, getting them to register for the webinar and identifying the right people once it goes live.

Multiple lists were created by leveraging various interests groups:

  • Github (people who have contributed to Security and Mobile Security)
  • Locating prospects who took courses in LinkedIn Learning
  • List of existing and churned customers
  • List of free trail users and ones who needed a trial extension

When it comes to lemlist and the email outreach part, Appknox segmented prospects and wrote different emails for each of those segments (e.g. existing customers or Github Contributors etc).

Here is how the email sequence looked like for an existing customer

Introduction email

Subject - Just because we love you ❤️

Hi {{firstName}},

So, I was thinking ….

You know we haven’t interacted with for a while. Pretty much both of us are busy with work and fife things! 🤨

And we never thanked you for being one of our early fans. It's because of your support we have grown this big in the last 4 years and we would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity.

How about we chat for an hour on the 9th of October on the most sophisticated tech we have built so far using open source technologies and scripts that would help you to safeguard your Applications from vulnerabilities and latest threats.

Wouldn’t that be interesting❓

Appknox  CISO & Co-Founder (Subho) will be hosting a webinar on 9th of October from 2:00-3:00 PM IST, where he will be sharing his stories from his early hacking days, right from his training sessions at DEFCON, BLACKHAT, RSA to manually pentesting one the safest apps live. 🔥

It's not a webinar 🕸️ that will float some fluffy ideas without an action plan afterward. In fact, the webinar should leave you feeling excited, connected, knowing there are solutions to toughest vulnerabilities 🎯.

And we’ll be opening up large space for some direct Q&A at the end. Give us the security issue you’re tackling and we’d tell you how we’d handle it right then and there.

So join us for a bit on the day of the webinar, okay?

Grab your seat


The rest of the emails are generic follow-ups based on conditions. If a user signed up for the webinar, the automation stops there. If they didn't, there are different follow-ups that go on.

Follow-up 1

Subject: [Webinar Update] Don’t miss Subho’s Stories

Hi {{firstName}},

I wanted to make sure you heard about the webinar Appknox' CTO, Subho, is hosting on 9th of October, from 2:00-3:00 IST on “How to perform Manual Pentest on the Mobile applications”.

You’ll be witnessing a live demonstration on how we are able to manually pentest world-class enterprise apps in less than 30 minutes.

Appknox CEO Harshit explains what to expect in the webinar in the video below.


We have also invited the Security team from one of the largest public sector banks who will be joining the webinar along with you.

Register here.


Follow-up 2 [value-based Email]

Subject: [Webinar] Chance to learn about Mobile Security

Hi again {{firstName}},

We know you have been busy with work and haven’t got enough time to read through my previous mail.

But still, I wanna make sure you heard about the webinar we are hosting on “Manual pentesting Mobile applications”.

Trust me, 60 minutes you'll be spending will be worthwhile to think through and train your security teams at your organization on how to use open-source tools/scripts and protect internal mobile applications against the latest vulnerabilities and threats... and also see best practices to safeguard against most complex attacks in future.

You don’t believe me still? Here is a testimonial about CISO of Appknox who will be hosting the webinar!


Don’t miss your chance to register for the webinar.

Grab your seat now.


Follow-up 3  [emotional email]

Subject -Thank you for your Love ❤️❤️

When me and Subho (CISO and Co-Founder of Appknox) decided to work on a webinar few days ago, we are not sure on what, how and where we should start.

Our motto is simple “Help as many people as possible, to make mobile applications safe and hackproof “🔐.

We decided to share our knowledge and expertise on [-How to pentest mobile applications manually using free and open-source tools] webinar that would help you safeguard mobile apps with open-source tools, just like we did when we decided to start Appknox 🔰🔰🔰🔰.

And today we could pull this with all your support. All thanks to technology and the trust you had in us ❤️.

Surprisingly we had a whopping 175 Registrants in two days. This number made us increase the no. of seats from 50 to 200. Yes, 3x seats just for you!

If you still haven’t registered for the webinar on [-How to pentest mobile applications manually using free and open-source tools], this is your last chance😢😢.

Trust me, we have created real mobile apps which we would use to showcase the real vulnerabilities that are hidden (yes no powerpoint presentations, everything we showcase is real and live).

Here is your last chance to register - <Registration link>

See you in the webinar

Follow-up 4 [engaging and building trust]

Ugh - this gives me the chills!!!

Thanks for all the love you have showered on us by registering for our webinar on “How to Pentest Mobile apps with open source tools“.

Our big day just 10 days away and we are amazed by your support. Our motto is simple “Help as many people as possible, to make mobile applications safe and hackproof “🔐.

We are excited to share our knowledge and expertise on mobile security that would help many like you to safeguard your mobile apps with open-source tools, just like we did when we decided to start Appknox 🔰🔰🔰🔰.

The lineup is gonna deliver so much value - you’ll want to be there:


We have also opened up a large space to take up pre-webinar questions. You can join the group and post yours.

LinkedIn Group link


Their results

Appknox has now generated TOFU prospects for 3 months to which they plan to upsell the security tool via Free Security Consultation without spending any $ on other acqusition channels.

We have been able to accomplish amazing open rates with lemlist compared to other outreach tools. Integrations using Zapier that lemlist provides allowed us to send data into Hubspot and assign them a lead qualification stage and lead source.

- G.V.S Chaitanya, Head of Growth

These are the lemlist features Appknox used in their campaigns:

And of course, they've combined that with tools such as Phantombuster, Linkedin Sales Navigator, HubSpot and Wistia.