So, you’re stuck.

Your open rates are low and reply rates almost don’t exist.

What are you gonna do?

You did everything you thought you can.

You found a nice batch of ideal customers/recruiters, found their contact info, crafted an “amazing email template”, and you ended up with zero results.

But fortunately, that can be resolved.

Your open and reply rates can skyrocket.

In this article, we’re going to see a couple of great sales cold email templates for recruiting agencies that actually make results.

Whether you’re trying to sell your services or you’re doing your client work and looking for prospecting candidates, we’ve got you covered.

At the end of reading this, you’ll be able to find your perfect sales cold email template and kickass your sales/recruiting.

Are you ready?

3 sales cold email templates for selling recruiting agency services

This is the part where we cover different sales cold email templates that you can use to get new clients.

Are you ready?

1. Showcase your team and your expertise

The reason why I really like this sales email template is mainly that it showcases your team and your teams’ expertise.

Hence - you’re using the power of the human element inside your sales cold email template.

Ugi's Pro Tip: Human element is the marketing strategy of showcasing people on your collateral (website, popups, emails). It helps you with improving your conversion rates mainly because people like to interact with other people more than interacting with robots and AI.

Let’s see it:

Subject line: Ideas & Feedback for {{companyName}}’s recruiting process

Bonjour {{firstName}},

We selected {{companyName}} as our weekly winner for the "biggest growing [companytype]" 🎉

In essence, every week we choose one lucky company and we go through all the things that we could improve in order to help you guys grow and make a seamless recruiting process.

We usually do it with a brainstorming session with 2-3 people from our team (I've attached the photo of our meeting below).
Sarah from our team also took some more notes about all the ideas we had so if you’re free sometime next week I’d love to have a chat with you!

Have a lovely day!


One of the things I love the most about this template is that it doesn’t sell anything. It doesn’t talk about your services.

It talks about them - and that’s the most important thing.

2. Use “Tinder for companies”

Simple - yet powerful sales cold email template for recruiting agencies.

It’s short - but it says a lot.

It’s funny - but serious as well.

Let’s see it:

Subject line: I think it’s a match…

Bonjour {{firstName}}

I was on Companynder (Tinder for companies) and well... I'll let the screenshot below talks for itself…
Well ok... maybe I've made that "Companynder App" up but to be honest, I definitely think our business could benefit from each other and I'd love to have a chat with you 😊

Would you be free sometime this week?


3. Include statistics and let your cold email templates for recruiting agencies to be personalized

Statistics and personalization are great ways to improve your reply rates.

This is one of the best emails I saw recently - with a little editing it can serve you well for finding new clients for your recruiting agency.

Here’s it:

Now when we saw the best sales cold email templates for recruiting agencies that will help you to sell your services, it’s time to see 2 best sales cold email templates for finding new recruiters and employees for your clients.

Let’s see them!

You’re definitely going to like them :)

2 sales cold email template for finding new recruiters for your clients

Finding the best talent out there is a tough job. A lot of the best of the bests are bussy - and rarely who wants to change their company.

So, you need to approach them on a unique and innovative way.

Let’s the best 2 sales cold email templates for recruiting agencies you can use to find new employees for your clients:

1. “Wanted 2.0” template

This is one of the most performing sales cold email templates for recruiting agencies other lemlisters (our beloved users), are using.

Here’s the preview (after you use our personalized images):

Subject line: Have you seen this {{jobPosition}}?

Hey {{firstName}},

I'm Vuk, Head of Growth at lemlist. We're currently on a lookout for {{jobPosition}}.

We keep seeing this name. Do you happen to know him/her?
All kidding aside, we'd really like to meet you, have a talk and see if continuing your career at lemlist sounds interesting.

Let me know what you think,


As you can see, this email template is catchy, intriguing, engaging, and most importantly - innovative and funny.

Let’s see who wouldn’t respond you to this email ;)

You can use this email template right after you create your trial lemlist account.

2. Use personalized videos inside your sales cold email templates for recruiting agencies

Personalized videos are something we REALLY like. And I really mean that.

They’re great and very powerful when it comes to click rates and reply rates.

Rarely who will manage to resist clicking on your video.

Let’s see one of the best for recruiting agencies:

Subject line: We are looking for {{jobPosition}}

Hey {{firstName}},


We're looking for a 🔥 {{jobPosition}} to join our team. Full-time gig, properly paid.

I think you might be the one.

If interested, I made a quick video for you where I'll give you the details you need.
Let me know your thoughts,


Do you see?

It’s intriguing and clickable.

The Bottom Line

As you can see - when it comes to the sales cold email templates for recruiting agencies, you have two types of email templates you can use:

  • One for finding new clients and selling your recruiting agency services
  • And another one for finding new recruiters and employees for your clients

In this article, we showed you the 5 most performing sales cold email templates for recruiting agencies our lemlisters are using.

BUT, even if you don’t get responses on these emails (but you will believe me), you can always use some of our follow-up email templates, or learn how to write your own follow-up emails after no response that get results.

Now, the real question is: will you give a chance to one of these emails as well?

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