The three sales email examples I'm about to show you scored brilliant results and come from three lemlisters (that's how we call our users) - Pierre, Romain and Richard.

They achieved 31%, 45% and 18% reply rates in their outreach campaigns.

Each campaign is distinctly different. One is a 2-step example with a video, then you have a text only examples, rounded up with a final email with a personalized image.

In this article, we'll talk about why their cold emails worked so well and how you can replicate the success they had.

Let’s kick things off with Pierre...

Sales email example #1 [31% reply rate]

Sales email example

Key stats

Open rate: 77%
Reply rate: 31%
Sales KPI: 9 closed deals

This cold email strategy belongs to Pierre Levi, Head of Growth at La Briqueterie.

He aimed to book more meetings and identify high-qualified prospects directly in the inbox, and try to close them in the next stage. And that's exactly the reason this sales email worked so well.

Best Follow Up Email After a Sales Pitch
Use this email template to follow-up with your target audience after a sales pitch.

Pierre's initial objective was to get a reply first. After he receives a reply and books a meeting, he focuses on selling.

Why it worked?

Talking to Pierre, we realized he invested a lot of time in audience research. But, to quote The Rolling Stones, you can't always get what you want in terms of information you need.

In the first email in this sequence, Pierre wants to make sure he's talking to the right person.

Furthermore, whoever is reading this email can figure out fast that they're being pitched. However, Pierre doesn't talking about magical ROI numbers or the fact that he will save prospect's time.

Those are vague promises anyone can make.

Instead, he talks about stuff that's relevant to the prospect and addresses the pain directly. In other words, Pierre's goal is to demonstrate his product can bring value.

If the first cold email doesn't work, it's on to the follow-up to shake things up. There are two important cards that Pierre pulls out at this stage. Credibility by showing results and proof through a video.

How can you replicate Pierre's success?

For starters, you wanna do a thorough research on your target audience. Once ready, you can move on to creating your cold email sequence.

I'm gonna give you one basic and one advanced tip.

  • Always follow up

It's a fact that follow-up emails bring more replies. Pierre's campaign proved that and, to be frank, all my campaigns as well.

The key is to pick the right follow-up strategy as stated above and then set the right delay.

My recommendation is to set a 2-day delay between email 1 and 2.

How to send follow-ups in cold outreach

Recommended read: The complete follow-up guide

Nevertheless, it's always better to test yourself and send me an email at [email protected] how you did your own thing.

  • Have different sales pitches? Use liquid syntax

Imagine a situation where Pierre had an email list that contains out of people who have different needs: LinkedIn automation, cold email sequences, drip campaigns, CRM integrations, etc.

Each of this would require a different pitch in a way. In his first email, Pierre used this sentence.

We help SMEs through our "Automated Prospecting" to sustainably increase their pipeline, with healthy LinkedIn automation and by email.

Now, imagine a scenario where you wanna have 3 or 4 variations for different audience segment. You can use liquid syntax feature within lemlist to update your template automatically.

To do that, add a column in your CSV file and label it as "Liquid".

Then, write different sentences for each segment.

The third step is to set up liquid syntax within lemlist.

  • Personalized video thumbnail

Pierre had a solid click rate on his video, no doubt about that.

But, for prospects to have this "tailor-made" feeling about your email and to knock your click rate through the roof, I'd use lemlist's famous personalized video thumbnail strategy.

In essence, besides the play button, you can add prospect's first name, company logo or any relevant image that comes to your mind.

Add personalized videos to your email campaigns

If you also want to make personalized videos and dynamic landing pages, check it out below...

Sales email example #2 [45% reply rate]

The best cold email campaign

The second example is from Romain Carpentier, who works @findmassleads.

His goal was to attract high-quality leads, optimize the funnel, and boost sales.

Key stats

Open rate: 83%
Reply rate: 45%
Sales KPI: 9 interested leads

Why it worked?

From the very first sentence, Romain has achieved the ultimate marketing outcome. He has successfully captured their attention.

But, if you make such a statement, you need to make sure that rest of the email is on point.

Romain crushed that too.

On one hand, he provided enough proof that he has done the research in just a few sentences and managed to make the entire email about the prospect.

Finally, Romain ties the pitch to a specific service that's driving the biggest revenue for his prospect. Research ALWAYS pays fat dividends, my friends.

How can you replicate Romain's success?

If your ambition is to send the irresistible sales email that's hard to not reply to like our Romain, follow the same rules that he did.

  • Don't sell too early

Overwhelming your prospect about your product or service, and trying to close immediately is a definite way to self-destruction.

You want to get a reply first. Thus, your goal is to pack your key feature into a clear benefit. Make it sound sexy, but still address the pain.

If you can't decide, A/B test different sentences to find the winning combination.

  • Use dynamic text tags to make things more personal

Romain segmented prospects that positioned PPC service as their main revenue driver.

Say that he had agencies that had different services such as PPC, Content Marketing or Video.

In that case, add an additional column to your CSV file and call it Service. Put the most popular service of all prospects in there.

Then, just leverage that tag in the email.

CSV file for cold emails

The outcome you're looking for is for your prospect to say...

"Okay, they did their homework... let's see if they can help us"

Making things personal, but in a good way... that's what cold emails are about.

Sales email example #3 [18% reply rate]


Our last sales email example is the one from Richard Mechaly, the Co-Founder of Provoke.Agency.

His objective was to email all his LinkedIn connections and see if there are potential clients there.

Key stats

Open rate: 75%
Reply rate: 18%
Sales KPI: 90+ replies

Why it worked?

I'm just gonna repeat what I always say.

There's no better way to grab somebody's attention than with a carefully picked personalized image.

As a game, sales is about two-way relationships. You wanna impress people both on professional and personal level. Personalized images can help you do that, along with a great copy.

Speaking of cold email copy, Richard did two things wonderfully in my opinion.

The intro line is connected with the image, while the paragraph below helps him connect on something real, while still positioning as a person who's looking to sell.

Finally, another brilliant thing is his call-to-action. Proper hook and bait situation to incentivize you to book a meeting.

How can you replicate Richard's success?

Let's see how Richard created Tinder-inspired personalized image.

  • How to create Tinder cold email template

To be able to follow this quick tutorial, you'd need to have a lemlist account.

If you want to test the template first, set your 14-day free trial. Don't worry, we don't need your credit card.

Once ready, create a campaign > write your email > add image template > start editing and add company logos, as well as one from your company too.

personalize image in lemlist

The final outcome is fire.

nice sales email

Of course, you choose how the master image would logo, if you want emojis and everything.

Again, if you decide to use this cold email template, when you kill it, drop me an email at [email protected] I just love to hear these kind of stories. :)

Bottom line

This concludes me showing these 3 sales email examples that produced great outcomes for the three salespeople from the lemlist family.

I hope they inspire you to take your cold email game to another level and crush your next campaign.

Keep rocking!